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Jenna Dewan Shares Just How Difficult Being a Working Mom Was When Daughter Everly Was 6 Weeks Old

It’s never easy to balance being a mom and having a career — but it’s especially challenging (sometimes totally overwhelming) in the beginning stages. In a recent interview on Dear Media’s Dear Gabby podcast, Jenna Dewan shares that the early stages of motherhood after her first child, daughter Everly, was born were “really difficult.” The Step Up star, who shares her daughter, now 8, with ex-husband Channing Tatum, gets very candid in revealing that she was working soon after their daughter’s birth and Tatum was predominantly absent due to work.

“I feel every working parent out there because it is a real balancing act,” says Dewan who went back to work on a TV show just a few weeks after Everly was born. “I had to travel with her and at the time, Chan wasn’t available to be with us for most of the parts. So, it was me, my doula, and Evie all by ourselves traveling at 6, 7 weeks to Vancouver,” she shared with Dear Gabby host Gabby Bernstein. “And I went right back to work thinking, you know, it’s this sort of ignorance is bliss. I thought, okay. I think I can do that. You know, it’ll be like two months after and I’ll be able to have her on set.”

But Dewan soon realized that her schedule wasn’t getting any easier. “That was really hard because that was long hours,” she continues. “I did have her on set with me constantly. It was just really difficult. I had a lot of postpartum anxiety. I would say it was like, I just never stopped. You know, you’re up a couple of times in the night, then you’re working all day… I was breastfeeding. I was pumping. I was without a partner. I mean, it was craziness.”

Now engaged to Broadway star Steve Kazee and mom to their 16-month-old baby boy, Callum, Dewan says she’s doing things differently. “This time around, it was so grounded,” she shares. “Even though the world was crazy, I was home and in this love nest.”

Lately, the upcoming judge on Come Dance with Me is starting to plan the details of her wedding to Kazee, she revealed to The Knot. The cover star of the The Knot Magazine Fall 2021 issue explained that while she has a destination wedding in mind, she’s promising that it will have “an emphasis on simplicity and on presence.”

Though balancing it all is not easy, kudos to Dewan for sharing her challenges and letting working moms everywhere know that we’re all juggling being the best parents we can be for our children, as well as being the best person we can be for ourselves.

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