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Tan France Reveals Being A Dad Is Something He Always Wanted & We’re Emotional

Even from a young age, there are just some things in life you know you want to be when you grow up. For Tan France, he always knew he wanted to be a dad, and now he’s opening up about how much it means to him, as he and his husband, Rob France, get ready to welcome their first child in a matter of weeks! The Queer Eye star opened up about impending fatherhood in a new interview, and revealed that he and his husband are both in agreement on a potential baby name.

“It’s the thing I’ve wanted the most in my life since I was very very young,” France told Today about becoming a father. The wardrobe expert, who comes from a big family himself, always new that he wanted to have children. But with such a rigorous work schedule, and the financial planning that goes into surrogacy, the timing just never aligned — until this past year.

“We’ve known for quite a few years, it just wasn’t the right time,” France explained. By April 2021, however, the couple finally announced that they were expecting. Since that time, they’ve been in planning mode for their new arrival, and part of that planning has included choosing a name for their baby. While France remained mum on divulging the couple’s choice of name, he did share that it has a significant origin.

“I’ve always had a name in mind that I wanted to call my child,” France confessed to the outlet. “Thankfully Rob loves the name also. It’s an Abrahamic name, which means it’s Biblical, Jewish, Muslim, all of those.” In terms of how the couple plans to raise their child, France is leaning heavily on his own upbringing and watching his siblings as parents.

“My siblings have raised their children the way our parents raised us and I love who they’ve become,” he shared. “My biggest hope is that he’s kind, and that he’s healthy.” Clearly, France and his husband couldn’t be more excited to welcome the new member of their family, and we cannot wait to see them go on this journey together!

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