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Busy Philipps Is ‘So Proud’ of Child Birdie for Landing Their First Acting Gig in New Rom-Com Series

Busy Philipps’ oldest child, Birdie, has nabbed an acting gig — and mom couldn’t be more proud! In sharing the news, Philipps shared this full-circle moment on her Instagram and we can just feel her big, happy smile through the computer screen. Philipps has always been a supportive mom; she has a big heart and we love to tune into her podcast Busy Philipps is Doing Her Best for her valuable words of advice. So in her latest Instagram post, we’re not surprised that she has so much to glow about as she reveals her child Birdie, 12, has been cast in their first professional acting job. (Not counting Birdie’s appearance on Philipps’ show Cougartown, she notes!)

Philipps’ caption begins with this funny, relatable moment — noting that proud moms are also sometimes (oops) self-absorbed: “I am SO proud of this kid! Ok. I have a small story about me in regards to the amazing news in this post. Birdie says I make everything about me and you know what I say?? “AS MY MOTHER DID AND AS HER MOTHER DID BEFORE HER AND SO ON..” 🤷‍♀️ So anyway…”

Besides it being Birdie’s first professional acting job, it’s such an awesome moment because, for context, Birdie identifies as non-binary and they’ve been cast as a non-binary character in the show, too! In an episode of her podcast earlier this year, Philips revealed that her eldest child, whom she shares with her husband Marc Silverstein, came out as gay at 10 years old and uses they/them pronouns.

The Instagram caption continues to tell the story of how actor, director, showrunner, and creator Gloria Kellett was, as Philipps describes, “a legend” at Loyola Marymount University where Philipps spent some time visiting while she was in high school. After graduation, Philipps followed Kellett’s career, which included the reboot of “One Day at a Time.”

A few years ago, after Birdie came out to us, they excitedly told me and Marc about bingeing a new show One Day At A Time and how not ONLY was there a kid like them as A MAIN CHARACTER, but also THE show WAS GETTING IT RIGHT. As soon as I googled it, I thought, ‘well- of COURSE it’s Gloria’s show. This could only be made by the most talented, kindest and THE sparkliest person around.’ Because I knew Glo to be a human that fundamentally understands that representation of all kinds matters.”

So now, Birdie and Kellett will be working together on this new show, and we see why mama Busy could not be more thrilled. “I know Birdie will be taken care of and get to be a part of a show that comes from someone who not only has known Birdie since they were a baby, but also someone I’ve admired since I was basically one.”

Kellett also shared the news to her Instagram page with the caption: “So excited by this news! I first met Birdie when they were a baby and it is so thrilling that I now have the pleasure of having them on my little show!”

We’re just as excited to see this full-circle moment hit the screen and Birdie’s acting debut. Congrats all around!

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