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Gigi Hadid Pleads With the Paparazzi, the Media, & Fans That They Let Her Daughter’s Life Be Private

When you’re one of the top supermodels in the world, the job comes with a certain amount of adoration, attention, curiosity, and unfortunately, a lack of privacy. But like most celebrities, Gigi Hadid deals with it all in stride — except when it invades her daughter’s privacy and safety. The model took to Instagram to address the paparazzi, press, and fan accounts to not post her baby girl Khai Malik’s face and she grows and becomes more curious about the world around her. Hadid and her love, Zayn Malik, welcomed their daughter in September 2020.

On her Instagram stories, the fierce mama who gave birth at home, posted the following, “As our baby grows up we have to realize that we can’t protect her from everything the way we wanted to and could when she was smaller. She loves seeing the world! and although she gets a lot of that out near the farm, she also gets to experience other places — a true blessing.”

Hadid notes that the family has been visiting New York City and they want Khai to be able to experience the city “without the stress of the media circus that comes with parents who are public figures.”

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Gigi Hadid Instagram.

“I know the laws change State to State,” Hadid continues, “and I’ve seen some paparazzi photos of kids in NYC with their faces blurred — but, from asking around, I believe that that comes down to the integrity of the photographer, publications, or fans sharing the images. I write this all to say: to the paparazzi, press, and beloved fan accounts, you know we have never intentionally shared our daughter’s face on social media.”

“It would mean the world to us — as we take our daughter to see and explore NYC and the world — if you would PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE blur her face out of the images, if and when she is caught on camera,” she said.

It’s a small ask, we think, for the media to grant children of celebrities — especially the youngest ones — some anonymity and privacy. For their part, when Hadid or Malik have posted their daughter on Instagram, her face is always covered or turned away from the camera. Strangers seeing their faces is not going to help the public “us,” but it does hurt the kids who have no choice in the matter.

Hadid made her plea not only as a celebrity, but most importantly as a mom. “I know it’s an extra effort, but as a new mom, I just want the best for my baby, as all parents do…and I hope this can continue the conversation to protect minors in the media, even if they come from a public family.”

The model mom also made a point to mention the paparazzi who have been respectful since her first trip to NYC with Khai.

Well said Gigi! Protecting all kids, whether they’re the children of celebrities or not, starts with parents standing up for them and letting it be known that this is such a serious matter of safety and respect.

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