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Mandy Moore Is So Relatable As A First-Time Mom Taking Her Baby on His First Flight

There was a little bit of unexpected turbulence during Mandy Moore’s first trip with four-month-old son August (sweetly nicknamed Gus), as the actress and first-time mom took him on his very first flight! The This Is Us star chronicled the entire ordeal over her July 1 Instagram Stories, and kept her millions of followers and fellow moms updated with how her son was doing during the trip. “Dang! First time traveling with the baby, our flight got canceled,” Moore began one message, sharing a selfie from the airport, per Us Weekly.

“Anyone got a heads up on how a family can get from D.C. to Maine? All flights are full. No trains either. And rental cars are scary due to the holiday. Help!” Moore continued, asking for any and all guidance and advice from social media users. Moore was clearly stressed out by the whole situation — a feeling that every new mom knows all too well. Not only was she traveling amid a global pandemic, she was taking her baby boy on his first plane ride!

Just after sharing her first post, the actress and singer was back with another update. After revealing that it would take “hours” for passengers to retrieve their luggage, Moore shared one crucial piece of checked baggage that she absolutely needed for her son. “But I need the base to our car seat (that was checked) to travel anywhere with my baby,” the actress wrote. “I have a 4-month-old freaking out. This is insane.”

Fortunately, there was one little passenger who totally “aced” his first flight. “This little guy aced his first trip from L.A. to D.C,” Moore wrote alongside a selfie with her baby boy and husband, Taylor Goldsmith. She also noted the major milestone, not only for Gus, but also for Moore and her husband. “First flight for mom and dad in 16 months. Baby’s first flight ever,” she wrote.

Moore went on in her Instagram Stories to say that Gus was a total “trooper,” and shared with fans that they finally arrived at their hotel with enough time to feed and bathe Gus before he finally went to sleep around midnight. As stressful as Moore’s entire experience was, any parent and first-time mom who has traveled with an infant can totally relate. Along with the average stresses of travel, adding a baby into the mix can really bolster anxiety. Fortunately, Moore’s experience lets many first-time moms know that they are definitely not alone when it comes to all kinds of turbulence when flying with a newborn.

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