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Fans Think Brie Bella Is Pregnant Again Because of This Video & Can We Stop With This Already?

There are so many things that happen on social media that need to stop, but today we’re calling out the wildly inappropriate practice of assuming a woman is pregnant based on what her body looks like. We’ve likely seen it happen to our friends and everyday people we don’t even know, but it is especially rampant for those in the public eye. Brie Bella, mom of two, posted a clip on social media recently, and “fans” quickly chimed in with comments asking if she’s pregnant with baby number three.

What launched the rudeness is the latest post on Brie’s Instagram account, where she and her twin sister Nikki are promoting a collection of bags. As the sisters exit a front door, Nikki is in jeans and a white cropped tank top wearing a fanny pack, and Brie is wearing a cute, curve-hugging green dress, a jean jacket, and carrying a tote bag. There’s a quick close-up shot of the bags, the twins pose a little and it’s over. They look cute and happy — nothing much else to see, right?

But when you take a look at the comment section, it’s rampant with comments like: “I see a lil bump,” “I think she is prego! Looking at past video with strollers she didn’t over lift like Nikki,” and “Someone’s preggers again.”

Let’s just state for the record that it’s rude to assume that a woman is pregnant because of the way her body looks. Even if you put a heart eyes emoji after the comment. Some people are still clueless to the fact that a woman’s body is not up for questions and prying and prodding, especially on social media. Why is it still expected that women have washboard abs, constantly?

Thankfully, there were commenters who called out the insensitivity happening in the thread. “Omg these comments,” posted one person. “I’ve had 4 C-sections and work out all the time and sometimes especially during that time of the month I look 3 months pregnant. They look wonderful ❣️ and as women we should understand.”

Another commenter said: “Harsh to assume she’s pregnant, I’ve had two kids two csections and if I’m bloated I look pregnant but I sure as heck don’t want to be asked if I’m pregnant or assume so! When will people realize you don’t ask this?”

This commenter pretty much summed it up: “I hate that when either one of the twins shows a little bit of stomach fat that everyone automatically assumes they’re pregnant.”

Of course, Brie is not the first woman in the public eye to field pregnancy questions. A long list of celebrities, including Jennifer Garner, Chrissy Teigen, Jennifer Aniston, and numerous others have found themselves on the receiving end of the inappropriate inquiry time and time again — because of nothing more than the way their stomach happens to look in a photo.

We hate that she even felt the need to speak up, but Brie herself posted a response in the comments, writing, “Not pregnant just pmsing in this photo for all who are wondering. I’m the type of women who retains 5-7 lbs of water each month, sucks but that’s life. Plus after two C sections it’s usually obvious what I consumed in a day. But I have two amazing babies so I’ll take the extra weight and fluctuations. Thank you.”


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