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Pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt Shares Rare Bump Photo — & Hilarious Wardrobe Malfunction

Having the right clothes to fit over a continually expanding pregnancy belly is a challenge for all expecting moms. And it turns out that, despite what we can only assume is a decent maternity clothing budget, Jennifer Love Hewitt gave us a “stars-are-just-like-us” moment with a photo in her recent Instagram story.

One of the many pregnant celebrities in 2021, the 9-1-1 actress posted a funny photo to her Instagram story Thursday, joking that her pants kept falling down because of her baby belly.

“When the pants keep slipping off the bump!” Hewitt captioned the selfie. In it, the former Ghost Whisperer star is seen with pigtail braids and a white t-shirt pulled up to reveal how her patterned leggings have slid below her bump.

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Instagram Story/Jennifer Love Hewitt

Love Hewitt and her husband, Brian Hallisay, already share son Atticus James, 5½, and daughter Autumn James, 7, and revealed just last month that they are expecting a third child. Well, unexpectedly expecting, as it turns out.

“We had always been open to a third, but definitely didn’t think in the crazy year that the entire world was having that it would necessarily be this moment,” Hewitt told PEOPLE when announcing her baby news. In fact, she only took a pregnancy test to humor her son after he saw a commercial for one and suggested she check to see if there was a baby in her belly.

While Hewitt said she loves “the experience” of being pregnant, she revealed that baby No. 3 will likely be her last.

“I’m pretty sure. I don’t think I could do another one. I think five is a great number,” she told PEOPLE.

In addition to enjoying flaunting her belly bump, Hewitt is embracing all aspects of another pregnancy, including promoting “Hot Mom Summer” with “stretch marks, bikinis, sunblock and snacks” by re-Graming a post from a fellow mom.

Hewitt also got real about the roller coaster of pregnancy emotions she is experiencing in a video selfie today.

“I’m apparently at the part of pregnancy where I just cry-slash-hysterically-laugh at the same time,” she shared.

“I would say probably four times I day I am just breaking out into tears because things emotionally touch my heart, and then that makes me laugh, so then I crack up laughing about the fact that I’m crying, and so then I’m laughing and I’m crying.

“My kids are not sure what’s happening, My husband’s not quite sure what’s happening, and the truth is, I’m not either,” she said. “But I’m just going with it.”

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