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Khloe Kardashian Was Smart Not to Move to Boston With Tristan Thompson

Parents go through ups and downs whether they are married, partners, or co-parenting and apart, but what happens when the status of the parents is somewhere in between? It can get complicated when raising a child with someone when you haven’t fully figured out your relationship. So, it’s no surprise that this is the case with Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson — especially when it comes to the subject of relocating as a family.

In the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kardashian contemplates leaving California to move to Boston with Thompson, as the basketball player has been traded to the Boston Celtics. But Kardashian is conflicted because though she and Thompson have made strides in their relationship by being together daily during quarantine, there’s also daughter True’s lifestyle to take into consideration.

It’s clear that what fans will see in this episode (airing tonight, June 3) took place in late 2020 before the most recent allegations of infidelity, where one woman claimed Thompson is the father of her son. In January 2021, a different woman says she hooked up with Thompson.

Though Kardashian understands that Thompson wants them to move across the country so they can all be together, she’s also hesitant about uprooting their little girl from everything she knows and loves.

“I’m not opposed to Boston but once you have kids it’s different,” Kardashian explains in the KUWTK clip. “True has her whole life in L.A. — her cousins, I have preschool class at my house. It’s COVID, so I can’t just take her to Boston and go find classes there. Everything’s shut down. I think if it was a different year, maybe I’d be more open to uprooting her. But what am I going to do? Take her there to be in a condo there and stay inside some walls?”

It’s a valid point — but does it also sound like Kardashian may not want to go to Boston for fear that things won’t work out between herself and Thompson? Kardashian even says: “I’m used to being apart, for me, it’s not that jarring.” But let’s be real, she has taken him back so many times. Though it’s not wrong that Thompson wants them to be around, the trust between the couple doesn’t seem to be rock-solid right now. Plus, athletes travel a ton during their sports season, so expecting family members, especially young kids, to change their lives with every new team and city seems like it would be stressful.

If you’ve watched the show, there’s always a bit of resistance from Khloe when it comes to committing to Thompson and we have a hunch that her vibe is directly related to him allegedly cheating on her so often, starting with when she was about to give birth. So, Khloe having her guard up within the relationship is not so surprising. And as we know in the present day, Khloe and True have yet to make a permanent move to the city — which seems like it may have been the smart move.

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