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HGTV Stars Erin & Ben Napier’s Baby Girl’s Name Was Leaked in the Cutest Way

HGTV’s Erin and Ben Napier’s just welcomed their baby girl Mae last Friday, but she’s already had a super sweet shout-out on the small screen. The Home Town designing couple let fans in on a little secret about their daughter’s name that was sprinkled into a recent episode of NBC’s hit show This Is Us.

The mention was no coincidence, though, as the Napiers are real-life friends with Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby on the Emmy award-winning series. Erin took to Instagram to share and explain the sweet moment, which happened before the baby was born. The image is of Toby holding a list of possible baby names for his new daughter with Kate, played by Chrissy Metz.

“An Easter egg from our friend @sullivangrams: earlier this year on @nbcthisisus, Kate and Toby were at the hospital awaiting their baby,” Erin wrote. “Our friend Chris, who plays Toby, was writing down ideas for the baby’s middle name and he snuck Mae (and her middle name!) in there to see if we would spot it when we watched the episode.”

Along with fans of the show, it seems the busy mom (the Napiers also have a daughter Helen, 3) also missed the original airing of the This Is Us scene featuring Mae’s name. “We didn’t catch it until he texted, ‘Did you see Mae?’” Erin commented on Instagram about her chat with Sullivan.

Mae is a name of English origin which simply means “month of May,” which is very fitting, since Erin and Ben’s little Mae was born on Friday, May 28.

So the next question is: What’s Mae’s middle name? As Erin mentions on Instagram, Sullivan “snuck Mae (and her middle name!) in there.”

Any guesses? We’re headed back to the list of names in the photo and we’re going to assume it’s not Foggy.

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