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These Stress-Relieving Sensory Toys Are Blowing Up on TikTok—Here Are the Best Ones to Shop on Amazon

Ever since the fidget spinner craze, fidget toys have been just about everywhere you look. TikTok users became obsessed with one type in particular: Pop fidget toys. These toys might look like glorified and reusable bubble wrap, but everyone is obsessed with them — both kids and parents alike. It’s no surprise, that Amazon’s best-sellers toy section is full of these fun toys.

If your child is anxious and has trouble focusing, these push-pop fidget toy could help. Rather than playing around with a pen, wringing their hands or other fidgets, they can focus their attention on a colorful silicone, BPA-free sheet. When they press each bubble in, it makes a satisfying popping sound. They can continue to go down each row, column or push the bubbles in at random. When they’re done, they simply turn over the toy and start over. There hasn’t been many studies done about the benefits of fidget toys for kids, but if you’re someone who often reaches for a stress ball or fidget spinner, this might be a worthwhile replacement.

These fidget toys are popping up at playgrounds and even on adults’ desks. The toy is portable and aesthetically pleasing. It comes in all kinds of fun shapes (like a unicorn) and colors (like tie-dye), so these toys are kind of irresistible.

The pop-it silicone fidget toys have some ASMR-qualities, which some people find very soothing. There are countless videos on TikTok, showing off users’ push-pop sensory toy collections and users popping the bubbles in a certain way in an effort to create the most calming sound possible. TikTok has become a place where users discuss mental health.

We found five fun options from Amazon, which are all very budget-friendly, so you can find out if you or your kids might benefit from this new phenomenon.

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Rainbow 2-Pack

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Image: Fpxnb. Fpxnb.

This push-pop toy sparks joy simply as you look at it. It’s cheerful and each row is a different color, which could game-ify stress relief for your little one. You get one square toy and one circular toy.

2 Packs Pop Fidget Sensory Toys $10.99 on


Tie-Dye Pop Toy Set

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These aesthetically pleasing push-pop toys have a quiet side and a loud side. You get a total of three per set and can pick from three different shapes.

ZNNCO 3PCS Silicone Tie-dye Push pop Bubble Fidget Toy $13.59 on


Among Us Sensory Toy

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Image: AKSDTH.

If your kid spends time on the computer playing this popular game, they’ll love this anxiety-relieving pop toy, which is shaped like an Among Us character.

Push and Pop Bubble Fidget Sensory Toy $5.95 on


Square Toy

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Image: Colplay. Colplay.

This basic pop fidget toy is perfect for putting on your child’s desk (or yours). You can choose from five different colors.

Colplay Pop Pop Fidget Toys $6.99 on



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Image: HiUnicorn. HiUnicorn.

If your little one can’t get enough unicorns, they’ll love this rainbow fidget toy. It isn’t too large, so you could easily put it in a backpack or bag and take it on the go.

HiUnicorn Rainbow Pop Its Unicorn Sensory Fidget Toy $6.99 on

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