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This Britney Spears Bikini Photo Is Really What All Moms Feel at the Pool

Summertime is always a challenging time for parents — even, say, parents as famous as Britney Spears. For those with kids in school, it means coming up with interesting ways to entertain them while they’re on their break. For those with kids who are too young for school, it means doing the same things you’ve done every other day, only with a layer of sunscreen and the heat of the sun on your back.

To beat the heat (and run down some of that energy), parents everywhere pack their kids up to take them to splash pads, water parks, and community pools. But, all of that water play requires close supervision, which means you might be required to get into the water and splash around with them. And, as we discovered today, Britney Spears is no exception to that rule. Or so we assume after seeing a recent Instagram post.

On Wednesday the mega star posted a throwback photo to her Instagram that we assume was snapped by an eager paparazzo (which is why you just have to click that link to see it and we won’t embed it here, by the way). In this vintage pic, the singer is seen with her two young boys, perched on the edge of a kiddie pool, with an expression that every other mom who has ever perched in that same seat has worn.

She has a far off look that screams “Mommy needs a break” (or at least that’s what it means when we wear that expression). And while we can’t know what the singer was thinking, here are some things we would’ve been thinking if we were in the star’s, er, swim shoes:

“Calgon, take me away.”

“This counts as the kids’ bath, right?”

“Is my car insurance due on the 1st, or is it the 15th?”

“Please let this tire them out. Please let this tire them out. Please let this tire them out.”

“Wait, when was their last bath?”

“Did the water just get warmer? Or did one of these kids decide to have a pool-pee?”

“Did I remember to feed the dog?”

We are left to make our own assumptions about what was going on behind the star’s sunglasses, since her post included a sweet present-day take on why Spears believed she was always surrounded by other peoples’ children back in the day, and not an explanation as to what was on her mind: “I had my babies very young,” she wrote. “At all the pools we went to on tours, all the babies flocked to me because I always brought the the most toys.”

While her theory does hold water (pool joke, nailed it), we bet there was at least one or two parents along the way who spotted Spears poolside and immediately sent their kids over in the hopes that it would lead to future playdates.

Not that’s what we would’ve done or anything.

Of course, while the rest of us might have mentally checked out after a little too much time in the kiddie pool, and followed our thoughts to the mundane chores or forgotten errands of day-to-day life, there’s really only one possible thing that could’ve been going through the star’s mind in that moment: “It’s Britney, bitch.”

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