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Chris Pratt Jokes That He Expresses His Wife’s Breastmilk for Her Stepson Jack

Actor Chris Pratt may have found himself in some hot water with wife Katherine Schwarzenegger after his recent Ellen appearance, thanks to an unfortunate comparison he made between the new mom and a lactating sheep (yes, you read that right). The father of two was on the show to talk about his 9-month-old baby girl and his upcoming new film when he made the unfortunate breastfeeding joke.

While the proud dad was in the midst of sharing sweet stories about his family’s life during the pandemic, Pratt shared some images of life on their farm. Among them, was a clip of him explaining how he has to hand express the milk out of the mother ewe when they get a blockage.

“You have to get rid of some of it, or else it gets a little clogged,” he explained to Ellen. “And this is right after lambing season. The pandemic had just started — that was like in February of last year.” Listen, we know exactly what he’s talking about. Mastitis is no joke. And we bet it’s even less of a joke for these poor sheep who have to rely on the former Parks and Rec actor to get some relief, but that wasn’t the cringeworthy part of the story. Instead, it was what the actor said next.

“And yeah, you have to express the milk. I do that at home now with Katherine. And I say, ‘Hey, Jack, get over here,'” Pratt said before pantomiming what we assume was supposed to be him expressing a stream of milk at his 8-year-old son with ex-wife Anna Faris. “We have fun with that.”

While the virtual audience found the comment funny, the father of two immediately seemed to realize that his wife probably wouldn’t. “She’s gonna love that I said that.”

We assume that Schwarzenegger has a good sense of humor (after all, she married the comedic actor), but if not, she’s sure to appreciate the non-milking stories Pratt shared about her.

The proud husband was quick to tell DeGeneres what a great mother Schwarzenegger is, and how much of a trooper she was during her pandemic pregnancy.

“You can’t bring anyone to these doctor’s appointments. When you go in to give birth to your baby, they ask you, ‘Do you have your mask?’ It’s hard. It’s made everything a lot harder,” he said. “But man, she handled it so well; she never missed a beat. She’s my hero.”

Pratt was also visibly proud while talking about what a trooper his son Jack was throughout the entire pandemic as well, noting that the two of them spent a lot of time watching movies and dealing with homeschooling.

We’re sure the entire family had a good laugh about things once the actor returned home, but we definitely hope he avoids making comparisons between his wife and farm animals in the future.

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