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Why RHONJ’s Jennifer Aydin Bought Her Teenage Son a Stripper Pole

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jennifer Aydin uses a unique parenting strategy with her kids. According to the Bravo star, her five kids (Justin, Gabriella, Jacob, Christian, and Oliva) ask the mom for permission before they do just about anything. But, the surprising part of her recent reveal wasn’t that her children are so good at checking with mom before they make any big decisions (someone let us know if she offers lessons though, since we can’t get our kids to ask before raiding the snack cabinet), the real shocker is what the mom recently said yes to.

Earlier this month, Aydin appeared in a video interview with Chelsea Hirsch of PageSix to talk about what fans might expect from the mother of five if she returns for the next season of RHONJ. During their chat, Aydin explained how she ended up okaying an unusual purchase for her son.

“My son just got a stripper pole,” she told a mildly surprised but totally amused Hirsch of her 16-year-old. “We got a stripper pole in the basement.”

According to Aydin, she’s so used to her children coming to her to ask for permission that sometimes she just goes on autopilot.

“My kids ask me permission for everything,” she said. “They do not purchase anything without my permission. They do not eat any sweets or treats or ice cream without my permission. They literally call me and ask me for permission for everything.” We can understand how the busy mom of five, who also stars on the Bravo show and spends her down time planning lavish parties, could let a second helping of ice cream slip past her. But, a whole stripper pole seems like something that would’ve caught our attention. Regardless of how the pole made its way into their home, everyone seems to be pretty happy with it so far.

“It came in and they set it up, and honestly it’s a good workout,” she says, adding that both her son and her oldest daughter like having friends over to play on it. “Gabby had some friends over Friday night and Justin had some friends over and they all like playing around with it, twisting, and doing tricks.”

While the purchase may make for an unconventional kids toy, it doesn’t bother the mom. “I know there’s some stigma with it but it’s really fun.” Whether intentional or not, the Aydin family’s new installation may actually help normalize respecting sex work for her kids, and maybe even some of the viewers at home. Which is something this Real Housewife should be real proud of.

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