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Pink & Willow Had the Ultimate Mommy & Me Date at the Billboard Music Awards

When it comes to Mommy & Me dates, what sparks to mind is spending hours of time for just you and the kiddo. Maybe it’s a fun day at the park, maybe a mani-pedi appointment, or even a day indulging in your favorite movies and snacks is just what fits the bill. But then here comes the ultimate rock star — who happens to be a mom of two — to shatter all of your mom goals. Leave it to Pink to set the bar for mother and child quality time literally as high as the sky.

Sunday night at the Billboard Music Awards, it wasn’t enough that Pink was honored with the 2021 Icon Award. She performed an awesome medley of her greatest hits and started the set in a very special way. As she walked out onto the stage, you saw Pink carrying a tiny sleeping person whom she gently placed on the ground.

Pink took to the center of the stage and — as she often does — climbed onto the ropes suspended from the ceiling to perform her aerial acts as the song “Cover Me In Sunshine” began. But the tiny dancer — Pink’s 9-year-old daughter, Willow Sage Hart — didn’t stay put, she rose and joined Pink on the aerial act ropes. Pink sang with her daughter joining in for the chorus: “Cover me in sunshine, shower me with good times, tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning and everything will be all right.”

They gave each other knowing smiles and then it was on. It’s Willow being catapulted into the air with the greatest of ease. She and her mom float, flip with grace and embrace in the air! It was one of those ‘you’ve got to see this’ moments. It’s impressive, of course, but also just a very sweet mom-and-daughter experience to witness. Pink has her very own beautiful, brave and bold mini-me.

What can we say? Pink has made a lasting mark on the music industry, but since becoming a mom almost a decade ago, she’s also set up some pretty bold mom moves with the way she raises her children, Willow, and Jameson, 4, with husband Carey Hart.

Recently, Pink opened up about how she never thought of herself as a mom. “I didn’t really want to be a mom,” she told Carson Daly on Today. “I didn’t not want to be a mom. But it just wasn’t on my list of to-dos.” But once she had Willow, the “What About Us?” singer says she was all about being a mommy. “I had Willow and, man, that saying of ‘watching your heart go walking outside of your body,’” she said of the experience. “It’s truly how it feels.”

She’s pretty seamlessly incorporated her kids into her tour life and seems to love the lifestyle she has created for them.

“It’s fun to watch the different types of relationships that Willow has on tour with my village and then how Jameson just entertains everybody,” Pink says in her new documentary on Amazon Prime titled, P!NK: All I Know So Far. “ I worry, actually, about taking them on the road and having the tolls of that… but I look around at the people we’re surrounded by, people of all walks of life, incredibly diverse, and we go all over the world and we have culture around us all the time. And it’s all people that are incredibly passionate about what they do, fearless in their choice to do it, and they get to be around these people all day long.”

It sounds like Pink is not only Rock-star Goals, but Mom Goals and just human goals, wrapped in one aerial act performing strong, kick-butt package.

These celebrity moms make us all feel better when they share the highs and lows of parenting.

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