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Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn Had Her Baby Boy & You May Be Able to Guess His Name

Choosing a baby name is a Herculean task for some parents, who sweat it out til the last moment, while other moms and dads just instantly know the perfect moniker for their new mini-me the second the pregnancy test comes back positive. We suspect the latter was the case for Selling Sunset‘s Christine Quinn and her husband Christian Richard, who just welcomed their first child on May 15. Can you guess the name? Go with your gut.

Yep, the real-estate reality show star and her hubby went with the if-it-ain’t-broke mentality, naming their baby boy Christian Georges Dumontet. Christine, Christian, and Christian, oh my!

“Baby C is more precious that I could have ever imagined. Nine months seems like a lifetime to wait to meet someone,” Quinn told People. “It is the most incredible feeling to know that you have created life. My protective mama bear mentality is stronger than ever. My sole job is to protect him, to love him, and to raise him.”

According to the SheKnows Baby Names database, Christine is the feminine version of Christian, which literally means “follower of Christ,” though many people use the name regardless of their religious beliefs. George, meanwhile, is derived from ‘georgos,’ meaning tiller of the soil, or farmer. St. George, the patron saint of England, is one famous George and he “struggled with a fire breathing dragon symbolizing the devil.” Yikes!

Neither Quinn nor her husband explained the third name Dumontet, but a Harper’s Bazaar article reveals that is the real last name of Christian Richard, based on property records for their home.

Quinn also told People that Baby C came into the world in rather dramatic fashion, with her water breaking just after she came home to relax from filming season 4 of Selling Sunset. Quinn says her husband rushed her to the hospital and the 6 lb., 14 oz. baby was delivered via C-section a mere 22 minutes later.

“[My husband] was very calm throughout the whole process,” Quinn told PEOPLE. “One day I might share more about what happened, but for right now, I am humbled and grateful that three of us came home from the hospital.”

Though the birth sounds like it was a little scary, Quinn added that Baby Christian is a healthy baby boy and that holding him for the first time was “the most magical moment of my life.”

“Suddenly, there is a tiny human in my arms,” she said. “It was surreal when I was finally able to hold him and kiss his little nose. I can’t believe that we created this little miracle.”

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