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This Grandma Shared a Great Hack for Not Leaving a Child in a Hot Car, But People Are Being So Mean About It

On average, around 38 children a year die from heatstroke after being left in hot cars, often by mistake. A number of companies have come out with products to help parents remember that their children are in the car with them before they walk away. At the same time parents and caregivers have also come up with unique ways to remind themselves that there is a tiny human strapped in place in their backseat. One grandmother on TikTok shared what we think is a pretty ingenious hack, and, unsurprisingly, she’s getting a lot of grief from trolls about it.

TikTok user Kristy Wilson posted a video of herself driving with one shoe on. “Why am I driving with only one shoe on?” she asks. “Because I have my infant grandson in the car with me.” The scene then cuts to her getting out of the car and walking in one shoe to the back door of the vehicle. She opens the back door, pulls out her other shoe from beneath the car seat and drops it on the ground so she can slide it on. “And I would rather deal with the hot pavement than leave my grandson in the car, so I leave my shoe in the back.”

Honestly? This is brilliant!


Tips! Do not forget your infant in the hot car the summer.

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But of course, not everyone saw the genius in her solution.

“How can someone forget their child… Some ppl aren’t meant to have kids and if you can simply forget your kid then you shouldn’t have one,” wrote one, presumably child-free, commenter who possibly has no idea how caring for a kid can addle the mind in times of stress.

“If you need to do this to remember your child you shouldn’t have a child in the first place,” said another very wise and understanding Person on the Internet.

But in the midst of the hundreds of comments from people ripping this grandmother to pieces for trying to do the right thing, there were lots of supporters as well.

“It’s not about the shoe, people. It’s about routines. If you normally don’t have the child at that time or during that day it can be really dangerous,” wrote one commenter who actually understands.

“I’d rather see this video which some people might find weird than to read about another child being left in a hot car. Be kind!!”

We couldn’t agree more. Share all the “keep the baby from dying of heatstroke” hacks you want and we’ll never complain!

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