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Pink Is Already ‘Putting Away Money’ for Son Jameson’s Bail

Being a mom is full of joys and challenges, and being a rock star mom is, well, full of different joys and challenges. That’s what Pink has discovered about raising daughter Willow, 9, and son Jameson, 4, while taking her kids on tour. While some kids enjoy playing with the highlighters at their mom’s office job, Pink’s kids want to be in the wardrobe department sewing a pillow or playing in the ball pit in Mommy’s dressing room.

In this week’s People cover story, Pink shares how her kids’ lives are very different than her own childhood growing up with an ER nurse mom and insurance salesman dad in Doylestown, Pa. And fans can see a glimpse of that in Pink’s new Amazon Prime Video documentary, P!nk: All I Know So Far, which gives a backstage look at how she navigated her Beautiful Trauma World Tour with her family in tow.

“We always joke, there was no chance of them being not weird,” Pink told People about the kids she’s raising with her motocross racer husband Carey Hart, noting how her sarcastic personality has been passed down to them. “And it’s working out. They’re totally weird and joyful and I’m loving every moment of it.”

For the singer who says she has a lot of “masculine energy,” having a daughter was a transformative experience.

“She comes into the world naked and sweet and untouched by humanity and her heart is intact, her soul is intact,” Pink said of daughter Willow. “It was so healing for me to see how we start out on this earth. I think she’s just so magical. She’s been my greatest teacher.”

Her son, however, is another story.

“And then Jameson comes in and he’s just this mini Chris Farley, and I don’t know what to do with him at this point,” joked the singer. “I’m putting away money for his bail.”

Whew, we can’t wait to see what Jameson’s future holds!

As unusual as life is for Willow and Jameson, Pink says they are also just normal kids who dream of future careers like most children, though their dreams are not the typical firefighter or doctor goals.

“For Willow, it’s like, ‘I want to go to school, I want to go to the Culinary Institute of America and become a baker, and open an amusement park and be a hiking guide and a ski instructor,'” Pink told PEOPLE. “Jameson wants to go to outer space. He wants to be an astronaut.”

Maybe astronaut training will keep him out of jail!

These celebrity moms make us all feel better when they share the highs and lows of parenting.

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