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Brittany Matthews’ New Mom Hack Probably Improved Her Mother’s Day

Brittany Matthews celebrated her first Mother’s Day and the world got another glimpse of 11-week-old Sterling. The fitness influencer shared photos of Sterling, the daughter she shares with her husband Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and after dishing about her sanity-saving mom-hack last month, we just know she enjoyed her first Mother’s Day that much more.

“Dear Mom, thank you for always being the best mom and role model I could ask for,” she wrote on Sunday, sharing a few sweet Mother’s Day snaps of her with her own mom and baby Sterling. “Dear Sterling, thank you for making me a mommy and being the biggest blessing EVER, Mommy & Daddy love you more than you will ever understand.”

Matthews always appears to be in a bright-eyed, positive mood in her photos, and we now have one clue as to how she stays that way: sleep and self-care.

We know this based on her post a little more than a week ago, accompanying a video of herself working out, in which she explained how she’s able to find time to get to the gym.

“Working on getting her on a consistent nap/sleep schedule (HIGHLY RECOMMEND STARTING FROM DAY 1 TO ALL YOU NEW MAMAS OUT THERE!! Thanks to @4theloveofsleep) so this Mama can get a consistent schedule going as well,” Matthews wrote.

That account she tagged belongs to Kansas-based pediatric sleep consultant Jenna A., who we bet is suddenly getting a lot of inquiries from Matthews’ followers.

Matthews also noted that she was ready to “get my body back,”  and kudos to her, but we know that’s not every new mom’s focus, nor should it be if they aren’t ready. The societal pressures for new moms to not look like new moms can be hard and taking care of a new baby is a workout all by itself. But we can see why this is a thing a fitness pro like Matthews both enjoys and wants to do.

Photos of Sterling have been few and far between since her birth in February. “I just love keeping her to ourselves and to our family. I just don’t need her blasted all over the internet and everyone posting photos of her,” she wrote. “Maybe one day we will, maybe one day we won’t. Who knows? But I hope you guys respect that and understand.”

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