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Jennie Garth Says Just ‘Breathing the Wrong Way’ Could Ruin Her Teen Daughters’ Day

Raising kids is anything but easy. First, it’s the sleepless nights, then it’s the potty-training struggles, followed by the eye-rolling and talking back that hits during the dreaded tween stage. But those seasons of parenting are nothing compared to parenting teens, Jennie Garth told People.

Garth, the mom to three daughters, Luca, 23, Lola, 18, and Fiona, 14, says raising young women and young adults is “a whole different ballgame.” Unlike the toddler years when her daughters needed her all the time, the 90210 star now has to balance being supportive, but not overbearing. And that’s not an easy road to navigate.

“My job now is to just sort of keep them in the right lane, because they’re doing their thing and they’re becoming who they are and who they want to be,” she explained.

Fortunately, Garth, who co-parents with ex-husband Peter Facinelli, has been successful at maintaining healthy relationships with her daughters during those trying teenage and young adult years. The actor remarried actor Dave Abrams in July 2015.

Even though she once played one of the most envied teens in the western hemisphere, not just that famous zip code, Garth learned how to treat lightly with her own kids.

“When you’re a parent, I could breathe the wrong way, and it would be like the end of the world,” she told People.

But like many parent/teenage relationships, Garth experiences those near-perfect parenting moments that make the struggles worth it. Like when her daughters seek out her company and actually enjoy being around her. “But for the most part, they think I’m pretty cool, and we can hang out,” she said

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