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John Legend Warns New Dads About Those Early Postpartum Days

First-time parents who’ve read all the books and taken all the classes may think they know what to expect postpartum, but the reality may be very different from what they imagined. Veteran dad John Legend has some expert advice we don’t often hear for new fathers: “Be a rock” for your partner.

Legend spoke to E! News Daily Pop on Tuesday and shared some tips for first-time dads on how they can support their pregnant and postpartum moms.

“As a husband, I feel like, one, it’s very difficult right after delivery for a woman,” said Legend, who shares 5-year-old daughter Luna and 2-year-old son Miles with his supermodel and cookbook-authoring wife Chrissy Teigen. “A lot of women deal with postpartum depression. There’s a lot going on with your body and your hormones.”

Teigen has spoken about the postpartum depression she experienced after having Luna, so Legend is saying this from experience. Often partners say they don’t know how to help in these situations, and he’s got a simple and effective answer: “As a husband, we’ve got to be reliable. We’ve got to be a rock. We’ve got to be there for our wives. We’ve got to be as present and available as possible to help with whatever needs to be done.”

Married for eight years, Legend and Teigen have a storybook life but have also had their share of difficulties, including the loss of their third child Jack last fall. The family was all smiles, however, celebrating Luna’s fifth birthday last month.

Legend has also stood up for his wife as she’s dealt with trolls on social media, who have accused her of everything from using her pregnancy loss to promote herself to posting photos of herself topless with son Miles.

Of course, Teigen takes absolutely no mom-shaming and responds perfectly to her critics on Instagram. She’s even kindly suggested “everyone mad can reply here so I can just block you in one area.”

These celebrity moms make us all feel better when they share the highs and lows of parenting.

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