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Shawn Johnson Was in Tears on Sunday as ‘Mom Guilt Killed My Soul’

If there’s one thing all moms can relate to it’s mom guilt — that horrible feeling that we’ve done something wrong or not done enough of something for our kids. No matter how hard we try or how great a job we’re actually doing, the guilt is pretty much always there. Even for world-class athletes like Shawn Johnson East, who shares 18-month-old daughter Drew with her husband, Andrew East.

“Mom confessional…. I spent half of church crying in my chair because Drew was sad going into Sunday school this morning,” the Olympic gymnast recently shared in emotional and relatable Instagram update. “It’s probably just pregnancy hormones, but the amount of mom guilt I felt killed my soul.”

Even the knowledge that everything was fine didn’t help Johnson East in the moment. “They texted us 2 minutes later to say she was happy and playing, but I still continued to cry. It’s sometimes so hard to handle all of the love my heart feels for this little human and I never want to make the wrong decision for her,” she wrote. “Andrew quietly held my hand as I pulled myself back into the reality that she is OK and this is normal. But dang… my heart.”

Johnson, who is pregnant with number two and due this summer, sat down with SheKnows recently and dished on being a girl mom and how she feels about expecting a son.

“We didn’t find out what we are having with our daughter until she was born, and I was convinced until the day she was born that we were having a boy. I was mentally prepared for that,” she said. “I thought, the rough and tough and lighting stuff on fire — I could deal with that. I was really scared by a girl and the emotions, the sensitivities, and … the little nuances that can be different between boys and girls. And I fell in love with being a girl mom. I swore I would never buy something pink. I would never be into the girly stuff, but I am fully immersed.

“I’m getting ready to have a boy, and I don’t know how to do it. It’ll be awesome,” Johnson added. “I’m so excited, and I think especially with my daughter, she’s a very rough and tough girl, so it’ll be a perfect match.”

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