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Maren Morris Opens Up About How Having a Baby Changed Her Boobs

It’s been a year since Maren Morris gave birth to her son Hayes Andrew, but the new mama isn’t in any rush to get her body to look like what it did before — nor should she be. The country singer recently gave fans a candid look at her postpartum figure in a nearly nude photo on Instagram and slammed the “snap back” culture that pressures women to try to return to the body shape and size they had prior to giving birth. It’s an endlessly ruthless cycle, and Morris isn’t here for it. Now, the singer is speaking out about other ways childbirth has changed her body — particularly her boobs — and her style, and we love how honest she’s being.

“I feel like I probably wear more high-waisted stuff now, but I definitely also — after my son, I can’t get away with not wearing a bra anymore,” Morris told People. “I used to have tinier boobs and didn’t have to wear a bra every day. And now that’s not an option. So yeah. But it’s all cool! You go with it.”

Going with the flow is one of Morris’ mantras as she steps back and lets her body recover at its own pace. After all, childbirth isn’t just any procedure and it takes a serious toll on your body. For Morris, her emergency c-section left her body with a major need to heal. “I had an emergency C-section, so I already had just tons of healing to do,” Morris said. “And to just feel like my body was okay, it took a second to get there. It’s about feeling healthy.”

As for her post-baby body, “The Bones” singer is proud of what her body looks like, as it serves as a reminder of what her body was able to achieve. “We’re always extremely pressed to erase any evidence on our body that we had a child — that we housed a child for nine, 10 months — so I just realized how unhealthy that was for me and my workout journey to be like, ‘I need to get back to where I was before,’ ” Morris explained.

She added: “That’s not really the goal — that shouldn’t be the goal, to just sort of erase the fact that you had a kid.”

We couldn’t have said it any better, and we love that Morris is publicly rejecting this unhealthy societal norm. Your experience is your own, and for many moms, getting back to the body they had before is an impossible task. Or, just, you know, not even remotely a priority. There’s no timer on when you start feeling like “yourself” once again and what that actually means will be different for everyone — and we’re happy that Morris isn’t looking to please anyone but herself.

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