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Amy Schumer Just Got Candid About Her Post-Baby Sex Life

Lots of things change after a baby joins the family — sleep time, alone time, quiet time, and for many of us, one on one adult time. It’s pretty normal for sex to change after baby; everything from frequency to libido can take a hit when you become a parent. Amy Schumer, in her typical candid fashion, gave the world an earful about what sex has been like for her and her husband, Chris Fischer since they welcomed their son to the world in 2019.

“Okay, truly, we probably have sex every seven to 10 days,” she told host Kevin Hart on his Sirius XM podcast Comedy Gold Minds. “And we do it and we go, ‘God, that’s so great. Like we need to do that more.’ And then we don’t do it again for another seven to 10 days.”

“This happened the other day,” she continued. “I go, ‘Do you want to have sex?’ And he makes this face … like he kind of pictured it and winced.” She described the face he made as “kind of like he ate something bad.”

“He’s like, ‘How about tomorrow?’ And I was like, ‘Great. Thank you. I feel really good,'” she joked.

Schumer’s honesty and openness about life with a baby has been a breath of fresh air on social media, where so many new parents pretend they have it together. From her stroll in hospital mesh underwear to her messy kitchen to her mom guilt, she is literally an Everymom.

But it’s not just her sex life that’s changed. Schumer also told Hart that her social life has taken a hit, too: “I don’t go out anymore,” she said, also acknowledging that the pandemic played a part in her social slow down as well. “I’d be down at The Cellar every night doing stand-up, and now it’s like, if a friend is like, ‘Want to meet out at 8:00 p.m?’ I’m like, ‘8:00 pm?! Sorry!'”

Yup, we feel ya, Amy!

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