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Lindsay Arnold’s Snuggly Photo of Baby Sage Shows Just How Fast Babies Grow Up

Dancing With the Stars pro Lindsay Arnold is lamenting how quickly time with her new baby is going. Arnold gave birth in November to a baby girl, whom she and husband Sam Cusick named Sage Jill, and the first six months have gone too fast for the new mom (who, incidentally just launched a line of mommy-and-me dresses!).

On Wednesday, the dancer posted two adorable photos snuggling with her sleeping infant on Instagram with a caption peppered with crying emojis.

“It’s in these moments where I actually wish time could just stand still 😭 ,” Arnold wrote. “Sage will be 6 months old in 4 days, and I’m sitting here wondering how time has literally flown by faster than it ever has.

“I’m assuming that’s what life with kids is like right? Time going way too fast and our babies growing up way too quickly 😭, ” she continued.

The mom of one explained why it feels so bittersweet to watch her daughter grow up, a sentiment most moms can identify with.

“I love watching her grow and change and learn new skills but I also want my baby to fall asleep on my chest for the rest of forever😂,” she concluded the caption.

Arnold gave birth via C-section in November at 39 weeks. She shared the details of her birth in a follow up post on Instagram, that explained how a C-section was ordered when they discovered that Sage was in breech position.

Arnold spoke to People earlier this month about the pressures of being a mom.

“I try to focus on the fact that there must be so many moms out there that are feeling these same pressures,” she told People. “And if I can be open and vulnerable about it, maybe I can help other moms who are feeling the same way, and understand that it’s okay and that none of us are perfect. There are trials when you’re a mother.”

Arnold also shared her most recent experience with “mom guilt,” which happened when baby Sage got a sunburn on their family vacation — one of the many nightmares every new mom fears

“I lathered her in sunscreen and then my sweet little girl still gets a sunburn, and I feel like the most terrible mom in the whole entire world,” Arnold told PEOPLE. “When your kids are in pain, or they’re hurting or anything goes wrong, it is so easy to feel that mom guilt of like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is my fault. I am the worst person ever.’ But at the end of the day, kids are so resilient and things are going to happen.”

These celebrity moms make us all feel better when they share the highs and lows of parenting.

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