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Yes, Bekah Martinez Is Still Tandem Breastfeeding & Here’s Why

Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez loves to share photos of herself breastfeeding her kids on social media, regularly posting pics of daughter Ruth Ray De La Luz and son Franklin James chowing down. On Tuesday, the Chatty Broads podcaster had her Instagram followers doing a double take when her Instagram Stories included a short video of her nursing the 2-year-old and 10-month-old at the same time.

In the video, Martinez is heard telling her boyfriend and baby daddy Grayston Leonard that she just got home from an amazing day and already has “both kids attached to her like she’s a cow.” To which Leonard jokingly adds, “Milk machine? Family farm?” Despite saying she’s exhausted, the mom of two looks pretty content holding both her babies in this tandem nursing session.

Since shortly after the birth of her second child in less than two years, we at SheKnows and many of Martinez’s fans have been in awe of her ability to tandem breastfeed her two babies at once. Of course, because some people just have to be judgey critics, Martinez has received a fair number of nasty comments about the breastfeeding photos she shares on Instagram as well.

Most of the hand-wringing comes from people who think Martinez’s eldest is too old to still be nursing. Martinez clapped back at such commenters in September, saying, “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there is NOTHING weird about feeding and soothing my toddler via breast. … Not accepting any uneducated, ignorant or self-righteous puritanical bullshit today. Bye. Gotta go nurse my 20-month-old.”

By now, the nursing mom is prepared for any and all comments, and even called out a very respectful and curious reply to her most recent double nursing moment on Instagram. The message asked, “Isn’t your daughter a little too old to be breastfeeding? I’m just curious; don’t they stop much earlier?”

Martinez replied, rightly, that “a child nursing into the toddler years is 100% normal” and shared some info on natural/infant-led weaning from the National Institutes of Health (NIH): “Natural weaning occurs as the infant begins to accept increasing amounts and types of complementary feedings while still breastfeeding on demand,” the source says. “When natural weaning is practiced, complete weaning usually takes place between two and four years of age ”

Not only is breastmilk still nutritious to toddlers, but Martinez and Ruth are enjoying an emotional connection, which is even more important with a new little sibling changing the family dynamic. Whenever the mom and daughter decide the time for weaning is right for them, we’re sure navigate to the next stage just fine.

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