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Lala Kent Blames Herself for a Breastfeeding Disaster That Hurt Baby Ocean for a Whole Day

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent recently experienced one of the “hardest days” she’s ever had with her daughter. Now, she’s sharing her it as a cautionary tale for breastfeeding parents who may find themselves in similar situations. As the new mom explained via an Instagram Story on Sunday, her daughter Ocean suffered a vicious stomach ache over the weekend, and Kent blames herself for it.

According to People, Kent thought the 6-week-old, whom she welcomed alongside fiancé Randall Emmett in March, was just fussing, but her discomfort lasted all day long.

“Yesterday was one of our hardest days,” the post read. “I was aware certain foods could mess with my babies [sic] tummy, but never worried too much. I had vegan food for lunch — beans, cauliflower, etc. I’m sure you’re all thinking ‘you’re an idiot, those foods give grown people gasses!…”

According to the new mom, the baby screamed, cried, and fussed from morning until nighttime. “I clued in after my second feed, & switched from the boob to a bottle with saved milk. I sobbed when it was time for bed- yes I was exhausted, but mostly because when she finally started feeling better around 10 p.m. I felt so terrible that I did that to my sweet girl. Wish us luck today, that I’ve pumped all the vegan out of these milk jugs.”

Kent has a point, but her experience doesn’t tell the whole story. While there seems to be some correlation between the foods that moms eat and the way their babies react, experts warn against cutting foods like broccoli, cauliflower, and the like from the typical diet without reason.

“Eating certain foods may cause gas in mom due to the normal breakdown of some of the undigested carbohydrates (sugar, starches, soluble fiber) by bacteria in the large intestine,” explains the popular breastfeeding resource site Kelly Mom. “However, breast milk is made from what passes into mom’s blood, not what is in her stomach or digestive [tract]. Neither the gas nor the undigested carbohydrates (whose breakdown can cause gas in mom) pass into mom’s blood, so it is impossible for these things to pass into your milk to make your baby gassy.”

At the same time, babies do have food sensitivities. And you can find just as many sources advising breastfeeding parents of fussy or colicky babies to eliminate foods from their diets to see what may be causing this discomfort in their little ones. In Lala Kent’s case, we all know that mom’s intuition is a powerful thing, and if she believed her diet was causing Ocean’s tummy troubles, then she was right to make the cut.

In an April 1 Instagram post Kent had shared a bit about her breastfeeding journey, saying how “so many people” asked her if she was planning on nursing her daughter. “I thought this was a strange question because it’s not that simple. I know many women who struggled- whether the baby didn’t latch, milk wasn’t coming in, or it just wasn’t for them. I was never married to the idea of breastfeeding because I didn’t want to feel disappointment or shame.”

“That being said,” she concluded, “I’m grateful my boobies are producing, but I know my baby is bonded to me regardless of what kind of nipple is in her mouth.”

Right on Kent, we hope baby Ocean (and you!) are feeling better.


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