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This Throwback Clip of Bindi Irwin Reminds Us How Amazing Terri Irwin Must Be as a Grandma

There’s never been a question that Terri Irwin is a great mom to her kids, Robert and Bindi Irwin. For years, viewers had the pleasure of watching Terri’s mom skills in action when Bindi appeared with her in The Crocodile Hunter Diaries alongside husband and dad Steve Irwin, so it’s really no surprise that Terri is an amazing grandmother as well.

In an adorable throwback clip from the upcoming discovery+ special Crikey! It’s a Baby and first shared by People, we see a 5-year-old Bindi getting the news that she’s going to have a brother. Terri, who is obviously pregnant in the clip, tells her daughter, “Brace yourself. You and I are going to have to stick together. He said he thinks it might be … a boy.”

Bindi was not thrilled, saying, “I don’t want a boy!” Her subsequent plans for dressing up her baby brother are kind of the cutest.

“It’s so exciting to be a mom because all of a sudden you get, like, a do-over. You get to experience the world again through the eyes of a child,” present-day Terri said. But becoming a grandmother might be a little better. “Now I’m going to be a grandmother, What?! This is the most marvelous, wonderful, indescribable time.”

“Mom is just amazing,” Bindi said in the sneak peek. “I won the lottery when it came to moms, I really did. And I know that she is going to be the most extraordinary grandmother as well.”

Crikey! It’s a Baby chronicles Bindi’s pregnancy and the birth of Grace Warrior Irwin Powell on March 25. Though fans and followers have been able to keep up with the growing Irwin clan via Instagram, the special promises to provide some sweet never before-seen-moments — like when Bindi’s husband Chandler and brother Robert surprised her with their contribution to Grace’s nursery.

In true Irwin fashion, it was a giant animatronic T-Rex named Bruce. “If she grows up with Bruce, she won’t be afraid of anything,” explained Chandler to a disbelieving (and slightly freaked out) Bindi.

For more sweet Irwin family moments be sure to check out Crikey! It’s a Baby, which airs on discovery+ on April 25.

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