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Ashley Graham Turns Post-Breastfeeding Boobs, Postpartum Armpit Hair Into a Standup Routine on Ellen

Ashley Graham gave Ellen DeGeneres Show viewers a taste of what her first year of motherhood has been like — and it was hilarious. During her guest-host monologue on Friday, the supermodel and new mom talked about her boobs, sleep training, and her armpit hair, and we love her even more now.

Graham, who is best known for flaunting her amazing curves as a plus-size model, talked about her newest role. “I started a new job and that’s probably one of my favorite jobs ever: I became a mom. My son Isaac Menelik Giovanni came into the world on January 18, 2020. He made it just in time for the world to shut down.”

Like many new moms, Graham had to weather her first year of parenthood during the storm of COVID-times — lockdowns and existential fear on top of the normal everyday existential fear that comes with first-time-parenthood. But there was an upside, Graham explained. “One good thing is that it gave me the maternity leave that my body could have never asked for. Some working moms have to go back to work because after a few weeks. And that’s assuming that they even get a maternity leave at all,” she said. “It’s like these employers are like, ‘Hey, congratulations on growing a whole new human from scratch, but like, I really need you back at work like ASAP.’ Not OK.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Graham also discussed her first-hand experience with one of postpartum’s more common symptoms — huge breasts. After adjusting her bra strap on-air and making sure hers were still where they were supposed to be, she cheekily apologized for her outfit. “Sorry, I know that this might be a little aggressive, but they’re just here. I just stopped breastfeeding and they actually just went down 2 inches ,so this is a lot less than it was last week.”

And not just huge boobs, but huge leaky boobs — a phenomenon you can’t even begin to imagine unless you’ve actually experienced it. “Life truly changes when you have a baby. For example sleep training,” she said. “So, you hear how hard it is, but you can’t understand what it’s like, until you’re lying in bed in the middle of the night listening to your baby’s scream while your boobs are leaking everywhere.” Ah, motherhood.

Graham has discussed her postpartum symptoms before, namely her hair loss, a symptom lots of moms deal with but that doesn’t get much press. But on her Ellen appearance, she talked about some places where her hair was actually thriving.

“Oh, and did I mention that all of my hair fell out? Well, at least my hairline, because I did have postpartum hair loss. And it’s a really sexy thing that happens after you have a kid,” she explained. “And I say that it all fell out of my head because you know who thrived during that time? My armpit hair. I actually got so lazy that I stopped shaving my armpits and my armpits were living their best. Some people don’t even like hairy armpits, but I’ve grown to love mine.”

We already loved Graham’s podcast and YouTube show, but after seeing this, we’re hoping she’ll her very own TV talk show soon too!

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