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‘Gender Reveal’ Explosion Has People Within 20 Miles Thinking There Was an Earthquake

It’s a … big freaking explosion! Residents in New Hampshire and Massachusetts were rocked when (another) “gender reveal” stunt went awry — and resulted in an explosion that was felt 20 miles away.

Some residents thought the explosion was an earthquake or a car accident. Residents of Kingston, N.H., correctly assumed the explosion originated from a local cement factory but were dead wrong about the cause.

Local resident Amy Owen was standing at her backdoor when the explosion occurred. “We live in a four-family townhouse in Plaistow, and it shook our house so bad that we thought someone drove into our building,” Owen told the New Hampshire Union Leader.

“The kids all scrambled, saying ‘earthquake,’ before asking me what it was,” she said. After checking that her kids were unharmed, Owen said she ran outside and found her fiancé checking to see if a car had rammed their building.

Twenty miles away, Heidi Jordan told the Union Leader that she was prepping for dinner when the explosion occurred. “I thought for a second that maybe a large dump truck had gone off the road and struck a tree. I went outside but didn’t see anything. I also considered that it may have been another minor earthquake. It definitely had a rumble to it,” she said.

Turns out, according to reporting from the Washington Post, a man detonated 80 lbs of explosives to announce the sex of a baby. The explosive, called tannerite, is commonly used by police forces for target practices, not for announcing the arrival of a new penis or vagina on the scene.

While no one was hurt in the explosion, it left cracks in the walls of nearby homes and caused the city water supply to turn brown.

This latest incident is just another gender reveal stunt to end badly. In February a Michigan shower guest was killed by shrapnel from an exploding cannon; in New York, a dad-to-be killed himself while preparing a gender-reveal device; in Iowa an accidental pipe bomb exploded, killing the born baby’s grandmother; and in the most financially costly gender-reveal mishap to date, an Arizona border patrol agent shot at an explosive target resulting in a 47,000-acre wildfire that resulted in $8 million in damages. And there are countless other examples of gender reveals that have resulted in property damage and loss of life.

The man responsible for the New Hampshire explosion is reportedly cooperating with investigators and no charges have been filed against him.

For what it’s worth, the explosion was blue, not pink.

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