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Ashley Tisdale’s Baby Jupiter Is Still Waiting for ‘Auntie’ Vanessa Hudgens to Visit Her Safely

The pandemic has created a lot of disruption in people’s lives, and that is especially true for all of the new babies who are still waiting to meet their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and honorary aunties. Which is also the case for Ashley Tisdale’s baby girl, Jupiter, who is still waiting for it to be safe for a visit from her “Auntie” Vanessa Hudgens.

On Wednesday, Hudgens star told Entertainment Tonight that she was still waiting to meet the daughter of her friend and High School Musical co-star Tisdale and husband Christopher French.

“I’m so excited to meet her and sing to her because apparently, she’s really into that,” the 31-year-old said. “I think it’s been so challenging for everyone in these times to see people you love. But I’m very excited to meet little Jupiter.”

Tisdale gave birth back on March 23, but because of the pandemic, it’s been hard for the friends to get together safely, especially since newborns’ immune systems aren’t yet very strong.

“We’re going to wait until I have time and make sure that I’m not traveling anywhere,” Hudgens explained earlier this week to Access, with a similar quote about the little girl’s affinity for music. “I’m so excited. [Ashley’s] like, ‘You have to come over and sing for her because she loves singing … Whenever she’s on her stomach, she kicks when there’s singing!’ So I’m like, I’m going to come over and be the auntie who sings.”

We expect there will be a lot of singing in Jupiter’s life. But just because both her mom and her auntie starred in the movie, it doesn’t mean that Jupiter will be watching High School Musical on repeat anytime soon.

“I don’t watch that stuff myself, and my husband really hasn’t seen that stuff either,” Tisdale has previously said. “If she’s watching with her friends one day, I might come across it. But I don’t think I would expose her to that stuff. I don’t know. Maybe when the time comes, it will be different. I want her to be really grounded.”

For her part, the 35-year-old has been open about what it was like being in the spotlight so young, and how she wants to protect Jupiter from going through the same things she did, which included a lot of speculation about her appearance. She shared her story in a post on her blog Frenshe back in February, reinforcing how she planned to raise her daughter in a way that allowed her to live free of “judgment or shame” about her appearance.

We think Tisdale has gotten off to a great start by raising her daughter with such strong role models. And, we can wait for little Jupiter and Auntie Vanessa to meet.

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