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Pregnant Ellie Goulding Poses Nude for Paper But Promises ‘No Mom Blog’

British electro-pop star Ellie Goulding and husband Caspar Jopling surprised fans earlier this year when they came out of lockdown with an announcement that the two were expecting their first child together. Even more surprising, was the fact that the baby would be arriving soon. The “Love Me Like You Do” singer didn’t reveal her pregnancy until she was 30 weeks along, but now that she has, she is really revealing it — with a series of gorgeous nude and topless photos in Paper magazine.

Goulding opened up to Paper about how the pandemic is what really allowed her to become pregnant in the first place.

“All I wanted to do was go on tour with it,” Goulding said of her album, Brightest Blue, which was released in July. “And you know what? If I had gone on tour with the album, chances are, I would not be pregnant right now.”

Instead of traveling the world, performing and promoting her album, Goulding found herself on lockdown like many of the rest of us. Which allowed her to be at home with her husband, instead of flying from city to city. “I mean, I’m just going to be honest — they really don’t go together,” she said of family planning and touring. “And obviously certain things need to occur to become pregnant.”

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Steph Wilson for PAPER.

Even though she’s ready to pop, the singer doesn’t consider herself someone that fits the typical mom mold. “I just never thought of myself as that womanly,” she said. “I guess I have this kind of façade — or, I tried to be this archetypal, like, pop star. None of my friends ever expected me to have kids, basically. And I understand why they wouldn’t have.”

Another thing that kept the thoughts of parenthood off the star’s radar? Her appreciation for having time to herself. “There is a sense that you are on your own,” she said while describing what touring used to be like when she would have independence and time to herself. “And I’m not afraid of that feeling,” she added, noting that it was going to be “pretty crazy” to never truly be alone again.

As for her fans, Goulding wants them to know that she plans to juggle motherhood and music. The singer has continued both recording and releasing new tracks during her pregnancy, and she plans to release even more music later this year. In fact, the singer seems very focused on not letting new motherhood take over her life. For example, fans shouldn’t expect her Instagram to fill up with baby pictures. “There’ll be no, like, mom blog,” she said.

We hope that Goulding changes her mind. We’d love to see some “mommy and me” photos of the pair dressed in the singer’s famously high-fashion outfits.

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