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Why Does Chrissy Teigen Post So Many More Photos of Luna Than Miles?

Have you noticed that Chrissy Teigen posts a lot more photos of Luna than she does of Miles? A quick scroll of the Cravings author’s Instagram feed does show more adorable pics of her and John Legend’s just-turned-5-year-old daughter than their 2-year-old son. Well, Teigen just shared why, and no it’s not because she loves Luna more (obvi).

In a new series of photos showing Luna doing an epic scavenger hunt all through the island “to get to ZOMBIESSSSS” for her “dream” fifth birthday this week, Teigen added this nugget in the caption:

“’Why do you post Luna so much more’ you ask? Because Miles hates pictures and he’s always butt ass naked.”

Well, that certainly explains it! And it’s pretty relatable to most moms who have a kid (or three) who refuse to mug for the camera, are always sticking their tongue out when they notice you trying to catch them being cute, or love to lounge around in their birthday suit — preschooler pandemic life, amirite?

We have noticed that Teigen’s posts featuring Luna tend to show the little girl smiling sweetly and posing for the camera. Miles, meanwhile, is best captured while sleeping apparently, or photo-bombing his mom’s thirst-trap photos.

Teigen followed up with a short video of her struggle to take Miles’s photo. In  it, he is flopped down on a pillow, pouting with headphones on.

Though there is no sound, we can imagine his mom asking him to smile for the camera, which is when he give her side-eye and then clamps his eyelids shut tight. Yeah, that seems about right.

Of course, Teigen (and we) are exaggerating a bit, as there are plenty of smiley Miles photos out there, including this amazing family photo taken on Wednesday.

In the caption, Teigen says “yes day!” and actor Jennifer Garner comments with four stars, so we guess maybe Luna and Miles both got a “yes day” following Garner’s recent movie premise for Luna’s birthday. If so, that sure sounds like a reason for Miles to be smiling!

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