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Kelly Rowland Gave Birth With Her Whole Family Watching on Zoom — Because Normally They’d All Be in the Room?

Over the last year, we’ve all done a lot of things on Zoom we never thought we would. Work, school, weddings, funerals, happy hours, pretty much our entire “social” life has been contained in those little boxes since pandemic lockdown began in March 2020. And as we’ve all learned, getting the right angle and lighting for the most flattering shot of our faces is a definite art. So when Kelly Rowland revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday that she gave birth on Zoom, we got a little … panicked. What is the right Zoom angle and lighting for a vadge?!

As Rowland told Ellen’s guest host Kalen Allen, she wanted her family in the room with her when her second son, Noah, was born in January.

“The last time, when I had [first son] Titan, my family was in there, and this time they weren’t,” Rowland said, because of COVID-19 restrictions. “Everybody was feeling a way about that, because we like to be at each other’s births. So yeah, we got on Zoom and everyone was there.”

This is an interesting thing for some of us to hear about her family, who must be much closer, and also comfortable around each other’s bodies, than we can ever imagine our families being.

Rowland joking told Allen that she used “the proper angle only” for her Zoom camera, but didn’t provide any other details, leaving our imaginations spiraling. Did she have one of those soft ring lights? Exactly how much of the, er, crowning was in the frame? Did a Zoom newbie forget to unmute when giving a lengthy soliloquy about the miracle of birth? It’s painful enough to shout “YOU’RE ON MUTE!” repeatedly during a work meeting, but yelling it in between contractions must be downright torturous.

Luckily, Rowland says her whole family is home together now and “really happy,” which is all that really matters.

“I’m happy, and my son is absolutely in love with his baby brother, and we’re just really happy,” Rowland told Allen. “It’s really sweet. The house is very sweet. I love it.”

Childbirth is nothing like in the movies, as these beautiful photos show.

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