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Why It’s Really Not Cool to See Mandy Moore Back at Work 1 Month After Giving Birth

One month after Mandy Moore gave birth to her son Gus, she’s back at work, filming her TV series This Is Us. In a series of Instagram stories, the actor and new mom wrote how thankful she was to be able to go back to work after only a month of parental leave. And honestly, in a time where parents are fighting tooth and nail for longer paternity and maternity leave after having babies, we think this might be setting a pretty bad example.

In the first of Stories announcing her return to work, Moore is sitting in a makeup chair, wearing a mask and robe while having her hair done. The caption reads, “Mom is BACK at work!!!” The second shows Moore dressed as her character Rebecca with the caption reading, “Beck is back. So grateful to be able to ease back into this job I love so much (and to be able to bring my sweet hubby and baby to hang with me.” The third is a simple selfie in which she corrects the misspelling of her character’s name: Bec, not Beck.

So while Mandy Moore is happily back at a job that allows her not only to afford a nanny if she chooses to use one, but also allows her husband and newborn to come with her just to chill, here are a few statistics on parental leave in the United States compiled by Healthline in 2016:

  • Only 12 percent of women working non-government jobs had access to paid maternity leave
  • 25 percent of women must return to work two weeks after giving birth to afford to support their families
  • The U.S. is the only developed country in the world where paid leave is not federally mandated.
  • The U.S. has the highest infant mortality rate of the 28 wealthiest countries in the world — 6.1 deaths in ever 1000 births in 2016.
  • 10 percent of American women develop postpartum depression.
  • 40 percent of women do not qualify for the Family Medical Leave Act, which guarantees 12 weeks off without pay without fear of being fired.

We’re glad Mandy Moore is so pumped to be back at work, and we love seeing her on the screen. At the same time, we hope that for the ordinary families out there, the example of celebs with tons of resources jumping back into work so quickly doesn’t work against those of us who need a paycheck and time to recover from birth.

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