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Ashley Tisdale’s Baby Has Arrived ‘Earth Side’ & Her Name Is Out of This World

Ashley Tisdale is a first-time mom! In an Instagram post, the High School Musical star shared an artsy black-and-white photo of her baby girl’s tiny hand in hers, announcing the little one “has arrived earth side.”

And, drumroll, please … the daughter of Tisdale and husband Christopher French is named Jupiter Iris French.

Jupiter is a name with Latin origins that means “supreme god.” Of course, we can’t help but think of the planet Jupiter, fifth from the sun and the largest in our solar system.

Jennifer Moss, co-founder of and The Baby Names Podcast, thinks Tisdale and French are following in a space-influenced trend.

“Luna is leading this trend, as it’s a super-popular name right now (and obviously means “moon” in Latin/Spanish),” Moss tells SheKnows. You can listen to this episode of her podcast for other spacey name ideas.

In Roman mythology, Jupiter is the god of the sky and thunder and king of the gods, analogous to the Greeks’ Zeus. It is interesting for this little girl’s parents to choose a powerful male name for their daughter. (Then, of course, there’s also that classic Train song, “Drops of Jupiter.”)

“Jupiter, to me, sounds like a pet name,” Moss says. “I also remember a skit from the Nickelodeon show All That where Kel Mitchell just repeats ‘JUPITER!’ over and over. That’s kind of stuck with me, and I think it’s a silly name.”

Moss is a bigger fan of the baby girl’s middle name. “Iris, on the other hand, is beautiful and follows the current flower name trend for girls. I would have preferred, if they wanted to use Jupiter, to do Iris Jupiter and put the silly name in the middle.”

Baby Tisdale-French’s middle name is a lovely purple flower, but Iris is also related to the Biblical name Iri, which means “fire” or “light.” Iris is also Greek for “rainbow.” In Greek mythology, Iris was a goddess who rode the rainbow as a bridge from heaven to earth as a messenger for Zeus and Hera.

Fans of The Masked Dancer have seen Tisdale’s growing bump as a host on the competition show, and the actor has chronicled her pregnancy on Instagram and her lifestyle blog Frenshe. She first revealed her pregnancy news in September, and a month later she shared the sex of the baby and how she cried tears of joy at being a future girl mom.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Tisdale posted a pic of her almost fully-popped belly with more gushing about her daughter, writing, “She’s already a light in my life.”

Hmm, “light” in her life? Like Iris means light? Was that a baby name hint, Ashley?!

Tisdale and French have been married since 2014 and took their time starting a family so they could grow independently and as a couple before adding a new human to their life.

“I’m not naive about how a baby changes everything as I have a niece and plenty of friends with kids. I’m glad I worked on myself before we decided to make this decision,” Tisdale wrote Frenshe when she made her pregnancy announcement. “After six years of marriage, we built a strong foundation, and the timing just felt right. I gave it to God and the universe and honestly didn’t feel stressed about it and then it happened very quickly.”

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