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How Jessica Simpson Told Her Daughter About Her Past Sexual Abuse

Jessica Simpson appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday to promote the paperback release of her memoir Open Book and discuss her number one parenting philosophy, which led to her revealing how she’s talked to at least one of her kids about her past sexual abuse.

During her interview, Simpson talked about how important it is to her and husband Eric Johnson to be honest with their children Maxwell (8), Ace (7), and Birdie (2). “We’re a very open family,” she said, adding that the two of them never steer away from tough topics like relationships, addiction, her struggle with weight-loss and body image, or sexual abuse. In fact, Simpson says that there’s nothing that has been deemed “off limits” when it comes to conversations with her children.

Which is exactly how Simpson says an impromptu encounter at a book signing event turned into a conversation with her eldest daughter about her experience with sexual abuse from the ages 6 to 12.

Simpson said that early last year she was signing autographs with her daughter Maxwell when a woman and her daughter approached the two. Simpson said the woman thanked her for sharing her story about sexual abuse, and confided that Simpson’s openness about the topic inspired her to reveal her own experience to her family and therapist.

“Maxwell was like, ‘Mom, what is she talking about?’ I guess this is the time that I’m going to talk to my daughter about it; here in Times Square,” Simpson said. “But it was a perfect moment, because she saw how being open and being honest with your feelings, how you can inspire people that way … how it can make a change in people’s lives.”

Simpson’s aptly named memoir covers everything from her past relationships to the way she was often treated as a “dumb blonde” (Chicken of the Sea, anyone?) and allows readers a glimpse of Simpson and Johnson’s parenting motto, which is to make sure that everything is always out in the open within their family of five. The singer and fashion mogul added that her kids know that there’s nothing that they need to be embarrassed to talk about, and that they know that nobody is going to judge them for what they have to say.

Based on what we’re learning about the group of women Simpson came of age with (like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and the like), it’s safe to assume that she wants to shelter her children from going through some of the same things she went through growing up, and we applaud her efforts.

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