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Ashley Tisdale Felt ‘Ashamed’ During Her Pregnancy & That Has to Stop

It’s pretty much the understatement of the century to say that pregnancy changes your body. Those changes can be tough to accept. Especially when we’re constantly surrounded by people who are either A) asking the very wrong questions and making the very wrong comments, or B) make you feel bad for not always having some Earth-mother ethereal pregnancy glow. That’s how Ashley Tisdale has been feeling, and she bravely took to her blog to share what’s she’s going through before the birth of her first child.

“I haven’t gotten the whole warm and fuzzy feeling about my pregnant body being beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I am so proud of my body, and I’m so grateful to be able to create a home and grow my little one,” the High School Musical actor wrote on the blog for her lifestyle website The Frenshe. “However, seeing my body look so different is still a little startling to me.”

“I think it comes down to body acceptance vs body love,” she added. “I think that you can love your body, no matter what shape or form, but it’s the acceptance part that trips me up a little.”

Like the rest of us, Tisdale, who is expecting her first child with husband Christoper French, admits to being bothered by the nature of questions and comments she received about her body as her pregnancy progressed. People show such a weird lack of boundaries when it comes to pregnant bodies. Home-training and manners go out the window. In Tisdale’s case, she says people said things like, “I think you’re farther along than you think,” and, “Are you having twins?”

She didn’t take the negativity to heart though. “However, I brushed those comments off as I do with any type of criticism. I think change can be hard, but I continue each day saying ‘I love you’ to my body because it’s doing so much, and it’s creating is a beautiful miracle,” she wrote. “I have to let the ego-mind go and appreciate that my body can even do this. It’s letting go of my own needs because the needs of my baby are more important.”

She even has a post-baby-body-acceptance plan. “I don’t know what my body will be like after the baby comes, but I do know I’m going to give it time, let it heal, and take really good care of it.” She added, “I wanted to share this because I’m sure that like a lot of other people, I felt ashamed that I was uncomfortable at first. Yet, it’s important to honor how you feel and understand that everyone has a different experience with pregnancy.”

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