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Ant Anstead Points Out There Are Still Men’s Restrooms Without Changing Tables

Though fairly common in most women’s restrooms, changing stations were all but absent in men’s restrooms until recently. Dads around the land, even if they wanted to help out with changing duties, couldn’t take part because there was literally nowhere for them to do it privately. Though more common now, men’s restroom changing stations still aren’t the norm and Ant Anstead took to Instagram to show the struggle.

In his Instagram story, Anstead shared a photo of his adorable son Hudson, snacking away while lying on the counter in a public bathroom. The caption read, “Another male restroom without baby changing.”

We get it. The struggle is absolutely real. Moms have been dealing with changing diapers in precarious public situations ever since diapers became a thing. And sometimes, even when there is a changing station it’s so gross we don’t want to get anywhere near it, so we do the next best thing — blanket on the floor or the counter and hope no one complains.

Changing stations in men’s rooms started gaining attention a few years ago when Ashton Kutcher complained about their absence on social media. In 2019 John Legend joined in on the debate when he joined forces with Pampers for a campaign to install the necessary stations in all public restrooms.

“Daddy diaper duty is a real thing,” Legend said. “Daddies should be involved, and overall, we should be involved in the parenting responsibilities as much as we can. It’s time for society to say it’s time to change this kind of thing.”

Even President Obama got in on the act, signing the BABIES Act in 2016, which required changing stations in all bathrooms in federal buildings.

We can only hope that as more dads step up to help out with diaper duty the blanket-on-the-floor trick becomes a thing of the past.

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