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Heather Rae Young Is the Best Kind of Dance Mom to Tarek El Moussa’s Kids

If this is a normal night at the El Moussa-Young house, we would like to get a post-pandemic invitation to attend ASAP. In a recent Instagram post, Tarek El Moussa shared a video of the adorable dance party with his kids Taylor, 10, and Brayden, 5, boogying down while fiancée Heather Rae Young blasted the tunes from her phone.

El Moussa called it a “normal night” in the caption, which makes us assume this is a fairly regular occurrence for the family. “You’ll hear me at the end saying, ‘This is a good thing to come home to,’ and I mean it,” he continued. “Parents, who can relate??!”

We can! Dance parties are such a fun way to engage with our kids, while also getting all their extra energy out before dinner and cuddles and bedtime. And we absolutely love that Young is right there in the mix as a fun, cool stepmom-to-be to El Moussa’s kids with ex Christina Haack.

El Moussa and Young started dating in 2019 and said their “I love you’s” within a week of dating. While a past marriage and/or children from a former relationship can be challenging for a new partner, Young has previously said El Moussa’s family dynamic with ex-wife Christina Haack (formerly Anstead) and their kids is something that drew her to him.

“I actually loved that he and his ex were able to have a healthy relationship for the kid, and that mattered more to me than his past,” she wrote on Instagram.

Everything is for the kids,” Young told Life & Style in November 2020. “We have really good communication [with Haack]. The kids are in school so it’s just coordinating pick-ups and drop-offs so it’s been really good spending a lot more quality time with the kids.” El Moussa, Young, and Haack seem to be handling pandemic parenting well, coordinating family time with the kids for all despite all the challenges of the last year, even sharing holidays.

Kudos to successful co-parenting for the blended family! Though COVID-19 has delayed a trip to the altar for El Moussa and Young, last month she revealed a permanent sign of her devotion to their relationship: a tattoo on her butt saying “Yes sir, Mr. El Moussa.”

We don’t get it, but as long as they do, that’s all that matters. Also, maybe don’t let the kids see it? Awk. Ward.

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