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Cheer Mom’s Fake Nude Pics of Daughter’s Rivals Show New Lengths of Meddling Parenthood

A Pennsylvania cheer mom took helping her daughter to a whole ‘nother level when she allegedly decided it would be a good idea to create and spread illicit “deepfake” pics of her daughter’s teammates in the hope that they would be kicked off the cheerleading squad. Some are saying this story sounds like a good Lifetime movie, but we are waiting for more of a Drop Dead Gorgeous-level treatment.

Raffaela Spone was arrested March 4 for cyber harrassment after allegedly sending fake pictures that depicted the girls, drinking, smoking, and nude to team coaches. She also sent anonymous text messages to the girls encouraging them to kill themselves. We get wanting to help your kid, but wow, this mom took it in the wrong direction.

According to reporting from The Philadelphia Inquirer, police were contacted by the parents of one of Spone’s victims after the girl began receiving anonymous harassing text messages. The girl and her coaches at the Victory Vipers cheerleading gym also received photos that appeared to show her drinking and vaping while naked. As the investigation continued, the families of two more girls who were receiving harassing messages came forward.

“The essence of it was to knock them down to make them appear that they were not law-abiding or get them knocked off the team — [that’s] what appeared to be the motivation,” Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub told 6ABC.

The father of one of the girls explained to the Inquirer that he thinks the harassment began after he and his wife told their daughter to stop spending time with Spone’s daughter because of her behavior issues. Spone denies all charges.

Cheer moms have gotten a bad rap ever since Wanda Holloway hired a hitman to murder the mother of her daughter’s cheerleading rival way back in 1991. That case captured the nation’s attention and left many scratching their heads and wondering what would make a parent do something so extreme.

The only good thing about this bizarre story is that by all accounts Spone’s daughter had no idea her mom was pulling this bananas stunt. Still, way to be a role model!

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