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Bekah Martinez Shared This ‘Disgusting’ Pic of Her Daughter Because Moms Needed It

Bekah Martinez knows a thing or two about messy motherhood. The influencer and former Bachelor contestant segued her appearance on the popular dating reality show into a successful business as an influencer and she also co-hosts a popular podcast, Chatty Broads With Bekah & Jess. Martinez’s popularity is in no small part due to her no-holds-barred, honest look at mothering.

In a recent interview with Parents Latina, Martinez called motherhood “complicated, funny, dirty,  embarrassing, painful, motivating, and joyous.” She captures all of those elements on her Instagram, where she has almost three-quarters of a million followers. Her two kids, Ruth and Franklin, make regular appearances on Martinez’s Instagram, and her followers look forward to the honest and endearing peeks into her life.

One of Martinez’s most popular IG posts highlighted the “dirty” part of motherhood, and it’s one we’re all intimately familiar with. “I once posted a picture of Ruth in a wet mess of an exploded diaper, and it got nearly 5,000 comments on Instagram,” she told Parents Latina. “I had originally debated whether or not to post it because it was just so
disgusting. But those are the moments of being a parent that literally everyone goes through, and I think it’s comforting to be reminded that someone else is dealing with the same thing.”

“Sometimes,” she added, “You just have to enter into the diaper-blowout zone and deal with it. And after a while, you find that you’re not as easily grossed out as you thought you’d be — it’s kind of like exposure therapy!”



The gross bits of motherhood don’t just connect her to followers, but also to her own family, she said.

“I’m using cloth diapers now, and there are times when I’m scraping out the poop and thinking, ‘Wait, why am I doing this?’ But then I’ll remember my abuela, grandma, and great grandmothers, who took care of their babies without any of the help or modern technology that I have. And I feel connected to this matriarchal line of women who managed to get it done.”

It’s not just the dirty parts that her followers love though. Snaps of her tandem nursing her kids and photos and videos of her home waterbirths are right there alongside the posed and perfect shots we’ve come to expect from Insta stars. Martinez pulls it off though, with an authenticity and joyfulness that we love.

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