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Hilaria Baldwin Says Her ‘Baldwinitos Craved’ a Baby Sister After Her Miscarriage

After the surprising news that Hilaria Baldwin and husband Alec Baldwin welcomed a seventh child to their family, just months after the 37-year-old fitness instructor gave birth son Eduardo “Edu” Pao Lucas in September, a new Instagram post reveals more news about both babies. In the photo, the adorable newborns are snuggled up together under a fuzzy gray blanket and Baldwin opens up about this latest parenting journey, and how it relates to her past miscarriages.

“Our hearts are filled with so much gratitude. The Baldwinitos craved so much to have a little sister,” she wrote in the caption (critics might point out that her sentence structure sounds awfully like someone for whom English is a second language). “Many of you may remember the loss of their sister at 4 months in the end of 2019. There isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t ache for our daughter. When I found out our baby had died, I told our children that their sister was going to come, just not at that time.”

Hilaria and Alec also share daughter Carmen Gabriela, 7, and sons Romeo Alejandro David, 2, Leonardo Ángel Charles, 4, and Rafael Thomas, 5. With ex Kim Basinger, 62-year-old Alec is also dad to 25-year-old daughter Ireland.

Baldwin also revealed the baby girl’s full name: “María Lucía Victoria and Eduardo Pau Lucas: our babies who bring light into our lives — almost like twins, we love you so much.”

For fans who wonder “how-did-they-do-that,” sources confirmed to Entertainment Tonight and People that the Baldwins welcomed the baby girl via surrogate.

The super Spanish names for the celebrity couple’s two newest babes is no surprise, as Hilaria has expressed a deep connection to the culture. Though she was born in Boston and her birth name is actually Hillary, for a long time many of her fans thought she was actually from Spain. In February, she apologized for any misunderstanding and not being “more clear” about her cultural background.

“I’ve spent the last month listening, reflecting, and asking myself how I can learn and grow,” Baldwin said. “My parents raised my brother and me with two cultures, American and Spanish, and I feel a true sense of belonging to both. The way I’ve spoken about myself and my deep connection to two cultures could have been better explained — I should have been more clear and I’m sorry.”

Whatever their cultural background, in such a big family with six kids under age 8 in the house, we bet things are pretty hectic. Dad Alec definitely seems a little cranky lately, based on his latest social media rant. But as the mom of almost-twins, Baldwin doesn’t seem to care.

“We are overwhelmed by how fortunate we are to have him,” she wrote on Instagram, then adding of her new baby girl: “We are living each day, bonding, and grateful for all of the very special angels who helped bring Lucía into the world.”

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