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Alec & Hilaria Baldwin Had Their 6th Child Via Surrogate, Sources Confirm

Mystery solved. When Alec and Hilaria Baldwin shared the arrival of their daughter, Lucia, on Instagram it left many understandably confused. After all, the couple had just welcomed their son Edu late last year. And while Alec has made it clear that he would be defending his wife, and his newborn daughter’s privacy against trolls online, a new source has told Entertainment Tonight that the two did indeed have Lucia via surrogate.

Hilaria and Alec are so in love with Lucia,” the insider said. “They have received endless support and love from friends and family about their new addition and everyone has been so positive and full of joy.”

The surprise news of the Baldwins’ seventh child came just a few short months after Hilaria was exposed online for having faked her Spanish heritage. Although Hilaria has proved to be eager in the past to post pregnancy updates, we imaging that the weight of the scandal has affected her outlook on what she chooses to share online.


“Hilaria and Alec are settling in nicely and enjoying and cherishing this moment both as a couple and family,” the ET source said. “Lucia’s brothers and sisters are enjoying spending time with her and bonding with her. Because the children are young and close in age, they feel like they have a new built-in best friend. The entire family is thrilled.”

Back in 2019, Hilaria told PopSugar that it was her “mission” to give her daughter Carmen a little sister. She does have  older half-sister Ireland, but at 25, she’s hardly a playmate.

“She loves Ireland, but she wants a baby sister,” Hilaria said at the time. “Basically, my mission is I’m going to keep having kids until it’s a girl!” Well, with her four sons: Rafael, Leonardo, Romeo, and 5-month-old Eduardo (Edu), her mission proved to be an ambitious one that she is finally able to put an end to.

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