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Orlando Bloom Says This Is How He’s Going to Get His Baby Girl to Say “Dad” Before Anything Else

The first words your baby will say is always an exciting surprise but more often than not your little one will be muttering the word “mom” or “dad” before anything else (that is, unless your child is like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son who opted for a three-syllable first word instead). Well, Orlando Bloom is hoping to beat out his fiancée Katy Perry in the battle of Daisy Dove’s first words, and he revealed the sneaky way he’s ensuring their newborn will say “dad” that first time around.

“I sing anything that has ‘daddy’ in it, just because I want her to say dad before she says anything else,” Bloom said during his appearance on The Graham Norton Show. The actor also admitted that he’s been executing his plan for a while now, and began singing to Perry’s baby bump while she was pregnant. “Yeah, I sing, chant, you know, I’ve got this Buddhist practice so I’m constantly talking to her, chanting, singing to her,” Bloom said.

Yep, while Perry might be the award-winning singer in the family, that fact is not stopping Bloom from using his own vocal skills to potentially influence Daisy. Bloom then adorably shared a snippet of his lullaby and sang, “Daddy loves his Daisy Dove.”

“Does the baby go like, ‘well can you put Katy Perry on?'” guest Aisling Bea joked to which Bloom humorously added, “Yeah she’s like ‘Mom’s going to be much better at this than you.'”

And while his tactics might require a bit of work, it appears as though his efforts haven’t been in vain after all. Bloom told Norton, “Actually, she has sort of said a bit of ‘Dada’ every time I come up.”

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