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How Dr. Jill Biden’s Helping Parents Through Her Dinner Dates With the President

Dinner is often the time when many couples have a chance to download their day and discuss important topics. It’s no different for the duo in the White House, as first lady Dr. Jill Biden told Kelly Clarkson on her afternoon talk show. And the FLOTUS is using those nightly dinner dates with the president to push him to prioritize relief for parents and teachers.

In her first one-on-one interview since the inauguration in January, Dr. Biden responded to a viewer who asked, “What’s your response as a parent and educator to the hardships imposed by the pandemic?”

Wait, did I ask that question?! Or maybe that person was just channeling what we moms and dads are all thinking these days. (Kelly Clarkson also asked Dr. Biden about that other thing — Bridgerton — we all can’t stop thinking about.)

“It has been so tough,” Dr. Biden responded, noting her daily experience still working as a professor at a community college. “I see it in my own classroom on Zoom. It has been so hard for teachers and parents and kids. We’re all struggling and when we get back into the classroom, mental health is going to be a big issue. We have to help heal these kids. Kids have been dealing with food insecurity, domestic violence, child abuse, so many things that they’re going to be bringing back with them into the classroom and teachers are going to need help.”

And that’s where dinnertime with the prez comes in, and we are so thankful that this smart woman has the leader of the free world as a captive audience at the dinner table.

“That’s one of those things I love about Joe, about those dinners at night,” the FLOTUS continued. “I can say to him, ‘Joe, we need this. We’re counting on this, teachers are counting on you.'”

Dr. Biden continued that we all need to have hope that things are going to get better, because we will eventually be back in the classroom IRL. “I’m just so excited about the direction that education is taking because we have to look at this pandemic as an opportunity to change the things that didn’t work,” she noted. “That’s what we’re going to do as teachers.”

Hooray! Though the pandemic has been a major suckfest, it would be nice if it led to some positive changes in society. After a year-plus of this nightmare, let’s start working toward what’s next and make the world even better than before for parents, kids, educators, everyone!

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