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Mom Tries to Make a Room of Her Own & Her Family Leaves Dirty Dishes There

If there’s one thing moms are craving during COVID-times it’s space — space to be alone, space without sticky fingers and smudges, space with our stuff, space that is ours and ours alone to do whatever weird and wonderful things that bring us peace. One Reddit mom has had enough of her family invading her space, but she’s wondering if she went too far.

“So, I have a craft room/mom cave. I filled it with all the old mismatched furniture that doesn’t go anywhere else in our home but that I’ve refinished to reflect my nerdy interests, and my LEGO sets and Funko Pops, along with all my collectibles are in there. It’s where I go to just unwind — as such, I prefer it to be tidy and organized,” wrote Redditor, ThrowRA7647. “As such, I’ve told my husband and kids, repeatedly, that if they go in there to borrow something/play with my LEGOs/just to unwind, to please put things back where they found them and remove any trash/dirty dishes. Guess how often that happens?”

We can guess, Mom, we can guess.

“Well, after a week of my husband borrowing my craft hair dryer, good scissors and glue gun and leaving them strewn all over the house and my kids breaking one of my larger LEGO sets and leaving dirty dishes behind, I snapped and forbade them from going in there anymore. H thinks this is unreasonable and selfish, and I then pointed out that everyone else in this family has their own space, so why shouldn’t I? So, AITA for wanting one room in my house that is just mine?”

Oh, Reddit mama, we hear you.

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past year, it’s that self-care is essential. Especially for moms. Time and again we’ve heard tales of woe from moms around the country who are working from home in their closets, nursing infants during Zoom meetings, and doing the majority of the hefty lifting surrounding home and childcare all while trying to stay sane during a pandemic. We all deserve a room. We all deserve a space where we can breathe and be alone, right? Reddit certainly thinks so.

“NTA. Countless men have had dedicated man caves or a private study, or garage that is ‘off limits’ to the wife and kids. You allowed access with a few simple rules, and he as the adult, blatantly disrespected that. Now his access is revoked. End of discussion,” commented Wearenow99.

XoGossipGoat94 had a great answer, plus some clever thoughts on retribution: “NTA in any way shape or form. Everyone deserves a safe/relaxing space and if your family can’t or won’t respect that then I say fuck ’em. I’d start padlocking the door and if they agree to actually respect your space and belongings then take the lock down. If they do it ever again even once, lock that up again. Or if you want to be a tad petty you could start letting yourself into their spaces, ‘borrowing’ their favorite things, and leaving them everywhere/stacking the dirty dishes in their rooms, and then ask how they like it.”

More than anything though, one point is clear: You do not mess with the fabric scissors. Ever.

“I felt my eye twitching when OP mentioned her hubby borrowing her good scissors. Mine are for fabric and yarn only; I gave my husband his own pair so he’d keep away from mine, and so far, so good,” wrote CraftyGoddess1025.

BadgerofHorrors added, “Touching the fabric scissors is just a creative way to select your own demise.”

This mom is so obviously NTA, and we applaud her for sticking to her guns and protecting her space. You can’t pour from an empty cup and all, so go to your room, lock the door, and fill your cup.

We should all be as lucky as these celebs who adore their nannies.

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