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Jessica Simpson’s Son Is Subverting Gender Roles in the Cutest Way While Playing With His Baby Sister

Gender roles-schmender roles — who says boys can’t do hair and take care of their younger siblings? Certainly not Jessica Simpson! In a devilishly cute Instagram post, we get first-hand evidence that Simpson’s son, 7-year-old Ace, is an ace with the creative up ‘do.

The photo features Simpson’s almost 2-year-old daughter Birdie Mae sporting a gravity-defying ponytail. The caption reads, “This is what happens when your brother does your hair #BIRDIEMAE.”

We hope he used hair gel and not Gorilla Glue! Whatever the product, the result is adorable. Not just the hair, but the evidence of big brother and little sister spending quality, caring time together.

Simpson, who spent 2020 like many of us, holed up in our homes riding out the pandemic, shared with SheKnows that her goal has been just to make her children comfortable during times of such tumultuous change.

“We just try and make our home feel as comfortable as possible for them and not make them fearful, even if they go out and are wearing masks,” she said. “It’s normal right now and everybody’s doing it. So they know what it is, they know what’s going on and they want it to be over because they would prefer not to do school on Zoom.”

According to the singer-entrepreneur-fashion mogul-bestselling memoirist, Ace has always loved his little sister Birdie Mae and vice versa.

“It’s so cute to watch my older kids with her,” Simpson told People. “My son [Ace] and her are like BFFs! The cutest. When Birdie is laughing, like cackling, that is a contagious thing throughout the family. Her first word was ‘Ace.’”

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