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Halle Berry & Her BFF Had to Booze Up to Share This Graphic Pregnancy Butt Complication

The latest episode of actress Halle Berry’s new Instagram Live show Bad & Booshy reminds us of how much we miss getting together with our girlfriends, drinking a bit more than we’re used to, and just unloading. Thursday’s episode featured cocktail-slamming Berry and her BFF, stylist Lindsay Flores, taking turns talking pregnancy and how differently it affected them. Of course, all we could think about while they were chatting was how much we miss getting a bit day-drunk with our own girlfriends.

The episode started off with Flores making fun of Berry for being “the goddess of love and creation floating through the earth” during a segment that seemed like it was supposed to center around how much pregnancy sucked for Flores.

“I felt sexy every single day of every single one of my two pregnancies,” Berry announced in response to a comment about her being an Earth mama. “I was walking around naked, I was like, ‘Bam! Look at this. Oh, look at this.’” Same, same…

Flores called out her longtime friend for telling her that pregnancy was the best and most rewarding experience ever. Flores announced that she was not an Earth mama, and in fact, her pregnancy had gone “to shit” pretty early on.

“I got none of those things,” Flores said. “I was fat, I was sick, my back hurt, my butt hurt, ugh the migraines…” The two leaned into each other and laughed while drunkenly reminiscing before Berry cut Flores off. “Yeah, bitch, you’re growing a baby.”

But, the highlight of the clip posted to Instagram on Thursday was the frank talk about butt stuff.

“Did you ever get the ass pains though like your asshole was in a vice, being stretched? Because I did,” Flores asked.

“I have felt that before, but not because of childbirth,” Berry laughed.


Honestly, this clip made the two seem like the type of mom friends we want to hang out with as soon as this pandemic is over and we can do these sort of things again. Until then, we’re just going to have to live vicariously through the two, nip slips and all.

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