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With the Paparazzi’s Help, Katharine McPhee Shatters Those Glam Pregnancy Standards

We all know a lot of celebs — and “normals” — carefully curate their social media posts to show only them looking their very best (or virtually enhanced) selves. And with her recent Instagram post, Katharine McPhee hilariously proved just how different her everyday pregnant life is from a styled and well-lit photo shoot. Expecting her first child with husband David Foster, the 36-year-old singer shared two glamour shots and two paparazzi shots of herself, to hilarious effect.

Captioned simply, “Instagram vs reality” with an upside-down smiley face emoji, the first two photos show the American Idol alum in gorgeous gowns with full hair and makeup for the kind of maternity shoot worth framing and sharing all over the place. The latter two pics are candids of the mama-to-be baggy sweatshirts and leggings with her hair thrown up in a messy bun while running errands. (Due to photo permissions issues, we can’t show you the pics here, but click over to her Instagram to see them.)

Obviously, she looks amazeballs in the first two photos, but honestly, she doesn’t look that bad in the last two. Just real! That’s pretty much what we all look like running errands, pregnant or not, right? And though being pregnant in this pandemic sucks, wearing a mask is kind of nice sometimes, as it covers up a good portion of the face. Our lipstick-applying skills are going to need a refresher course when this all is over.

Of course, McPhee’s Instagram followers are loving her tongue-in-cheek post, with almost 80,000 likes since she posted it on Wednesday. Actress Camille Guaty commented, “Haha! Still a hot momma❤️” while @21dayfixergirl wrote, “Thank you for sharing that 👏😍.”

Another commenter, @cmc_canada01 said, “Enjoy this phase! Its all beautiful! You will look back and see it!😍” We agree!

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