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Kelly Clarkson Talks ‘Tough’ Co-Parenting Struggle With Khloé Kardashian

Kelly Clarkson had Khloé Kardashian on her daytime talk show this week, and the interview quickly turned to the tough task of co-parenting. Clarkson opened up about her own experiences with shared parental custody since her 2020 separation from her talent manager husband, Brandon Blackstock. It was another moving moment where the singer gave us a peek into the drama she’s been living all year.

The pair made headlines last year when the news of their separation was followed by accusations that Blackstock had been defrauding millions from Clarkson over the entirety of their working relationship. These days, the two share co-parenting duties of 6-year-old River Rose and 4-year-old Remington Alexander, which is what prompted the line of questions that led to Clarkson’s revelation that sometimes it’s a struggle to co-parenting with her ex.

Kardashian is no stranger to co-parenting, she splits custody of her daughter True with basketball star Tristan Thompson, which may be why Clarkson felt so comfortable opening up about the difficulties she’s facing.


“It’s tough. … I know with me and Brandon, it’s just a difficult thing because we’re in different places, and it’s like, we both agree on the main things, but it’s hard thing when you’re not together all the time, for me personally,” she told Kardashian during their virtual interview.

For her part, Kardashian said she is familiar with some of the struggles of co-parenting, but she feels blessed to have had a good example of how to be successful at it thanks to the relationship her mother Kris Jenner and father Robert Kardashian were able to maintain after their marriage ended.

“You know my parents were the most perfect example, and I was really blessed and fortunate to have that as my example,” she told Clarkson. “And to see that, even with my stepdad and the integration of all that and how my dad and my stepdad dealt with one another was really just such a beautiful thing to witness.”

Kardashian even mentioned how her father and Caitlin Jenner would play golf once a week. “I’m sure that wasn’t easy for my dad, but he did it for us.”

Clarkson explained that while it hasn’t exactly been easy for her and Blackstock, they can find common ground.

“As long as you make sure it’s about the children and their best interests, then we’re both on board,” she told Kardashian.

While the two currently seem to be keen on making their co-parenting relationship work, their divorce proceedings are likely to be a bit of a mess. The two have each laid claim that the other owes them millions. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Blackstone has requested a $5.2 million annual support settlement, and Clarkson has estimated that Blackstone owes her reimbursement for more than a decade’s worth of fraudulently collected management fees. However things shake out, we just hope that they’re able to keep the financial side of things separate from their co-parenting arrangement. We also think Kardashian should hook Clarkson up with Jenner’s phone number. The momager would never do one of her clients that way.

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